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5 Ways Cloud Telephony Solves Communication Problems Business of all Sizes

Business communication is crucial, yet the delicate process that warrants utmost care and supervision to ensure business objectives are met. MOBtexting Cloud telephony service makes it easier for businesses to establish communications, internally or externally, efficiently. 


In fact, Cloud telephony by MOBtexting is a blessing for external communication as it aims to remove multiple pain points in the customer journey to better engage with them. 


If you are facing any kind of business communication hurdle, you should get in touch with the MOBtexting team to look for how cloud telephony can address various communication challenges, specific to your company or industry.  


Here is a list of 7 advantages of cloud telephony service from MOBtexting:


Call Conferencing:


During business contingency or for any other reasons when employees are working remotely, it becomes challenging to collaborate seamlessly and exchange ideas to iron out issues pertaining to business operations. MOBtexting Call conferencing brings your entire team on a single unified platform that cuts down the need for business travel to meet other stakeholders face to face. 


Call Recording:


Plenty of businesses can fail to accurately understand and predict their requirements and therefore fail to meet prospects and customers expectations. This often leads to business disputes. When that happens, call recording plays a crucial role in resolving the dispute. MOBtexting cloud telephony service allows you to record all the conversations. This can be later used in case of any dispute or improved service levels or for training purposes. 


Call Transfer:


One of the biggest reasons for customers dissatisfaction is because they often don’t get the right answer in the first attempt from the agents. IVR helps customers connect with the right department automatically without human intervention. But still, there are times when customers reach the wrong department for their issues. In such cases the call transfer feature allows the agents to transfer the customer call to the right team or department. 


Custom Integration:


Your agents should focus on effectively communicating with currently engaged prospects and reach out to more new people in order to drive more sales. MOBtexting cloud telephony offers the flexibility for your agents to work from any established business apps, CRMs, and sales enablement tools. 


Predictive Dialer:


Connecting your agents with live calls is essential to enhance productivity when it comes to outbound calling. Predictive dialers are especially intuitive in this step as they can filter out answering machines, wrong numbers, voicemails, busy tones and deliver the calls to the agents only there are real people on the other side.


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