Author: Salan Khalkho

I help brands reach customers with right communication message, just as MOBtexting helps companies of all size reach customers with right communication tools.
MOBtexting is Helping SMBs Scale Their Revenue

Bangalore based Cloud Telephony company, MOBtexting is facilitating SMBs and startups to find toeholds in their business without spending a fortune. Having a reliable communication system such as private PBX was a distant dream for most businesses traditionally. Not anymore. With MOBtexting cloud telephony, businesses can now enjoy the same benefits but without the cost […]

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5 Ways Cloud Telephony Solves Communication Problems Business of all Sizes

Business communication is crucial, yet  a delicate process that warrants utmost care and supervision to ensure business objectives are met. MOBtexting Cloud telephony service makes it easier for businesses to establish communications, internally or externally, efficiently.  Infact Cloud telephony by MOBtexting is a blessing for external communication as it aims to remove multiple pain points […]

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Scale Your Business With Cloud Telephony suite

Cloud telephony suite, often bought as a bundle (toll free, IVR, call forwarding and more) eliminates the requirement for businesses to buy hardware because they are cloud based telephony. This means Cloud telephony suite also offers the advantage of a unified communication plan. This leads to reduced expenditure and increased business efficiency and ultimately delivers […]

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