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Cloud Telephony Changing The Landscape for Education Industry

Educators from around the world over have begun to realise the value cloud telephony adds to the education industry. Schools, colleges and universities work relentlessly to transform young minds into the capable leaders of tomorrow. This is easier in a classroom setting where students can see the instructor and clear their doubts. But in a distance learning format, everything is dependent on technology. In this scenario, cloud telephony facilitates the transformation because it makes the interaction between institutes and students possible.


To make things easier for institutions looking for ways to transition into online education, MOBtexting is providing two months of cloud telephony. Though the offer is open for only a limited duration of time, it gives institutions a good head start. So if you are an educational institution, register at the MOBtexting website before the offer expires.


At MOBtexting we understand the challenges faced by educational institutions. They have hundreds or even thousands of students. If even a fraction of the students starts to call the school or university, the limited number of staff will not be able to attend the calls. In some cases, institutions may even have to assign additional resources to answer calls by students and parents. Call automation facilities available through Cloud telephony from MOBtexting facilitate call routing to the right department and thereby cut down a lot of hassle for the educational institution.


Traditional phone systems can not handle this as efficiently as cloud telephony. Even if the educational institution recruits additional staff, there are challenges with the traditional PBX and EPBAX systems. In the past, the students and parents had no choice but to call repeatedly and hope they could connect with the college office staff. Moreover, they could only hope that the office staff didn’t confuse them with someone else and give them incorrect information. Cloud telephony has changed the entire thing and helps in routing students and parents to the right department so that they get the correct information.


MOBtexting cloud telephony systems can handle thousands of queries simultaneously. The IVR feature built in the cloud telephony makes it easy for the caller to understand menu options. The menu option guides the caller in such a way that they promptly receive all the information they need.


School, college and universities can provide much of the information automatically to the students and parents without human intervention. For example, students and parents have to just listen to the IVRs options and when prompted, they should enter students’ ID or roll number and other details as and when asked.


Educational institutions can embed cloud telephony widgets on your website. So when prospective student needs additional information not provided on the website, they can connect with the institute using cloud telephony embedded in the website.


The prospective student only needs to click on a “Click to Call” button after which they submit an online form to furnish necessary information such as phone number. The cloud telephony system then connects the site visitor (student) with an agent (office staff).


Educational institutions that use cloud telephony, not only outshine competitors but also provide true value and deliver quality service.


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