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FAQ’s- SMS Consent Template Registration

As per the terms of TRAI’s TCCCPR 2018, all Principal Entities are required to declare and register the consents of their customers on the DLT portal of Telecom Service Provider (TSP). 
Register the consent templates on the DLT System before 15th July 2021. Customers Consent data can be uploaded in the Telecom Service Provider(TSP) system from 15th July onwards.
Here is the list of possible FAQ’s related to Consent Template Registration: 
1. What is consent?
Consent means any voluntary permission given by the customer to the sender for receiving commercial communication related to a specific purpose, product, or Services. Consent may be explicit or inferred as defined in the TRAI regulations.
2. Who is a Consent Acquirer?
Consent Acquirer or CA” means any sender with registered and valid header(s) who acquires consent from the end customer through a prescribed process under the relevant regulations.
3. What is a consent template?
Consent Template or CT” means a template of content that is presented to the customer while acquiring his consent and clearly mentions the purpose of the consent and details of the sender.
4. Is it necessary to register the Consent Template?
Yes, it is necessary as per TRAI guidelines to register a Consent Template and acquire a consent basis on the Template registered.
5. What will happen if I send SMS/calls to customers without registering the consent template?
As per the new TRAI guidelines, any messages sent to the customer without the prior consent of the customer is liable to be penalized and hence, it could attract penalties to the Business Enterprise or the Message sender.
6. What should be the consent template name? Also, why is it required?
Consent Template Name should ideally be a name which the Sender could relate with the purpose of the Consent that he is trying to acquire from the customer.
7. Can I use a brand name that is not registered/associated with my company officially?
Ideally, a Business Entity could use only the Brand Name for which they are registered.
8. What will happen if I use other companies’ brand names?
Using any other Companies brand name is not advisable and is subject to penalty from authorities.
9. Why my registered consent template is showing pending status?
Till the time it gets approved by the Operator, the status will be visible as “pending.”
10. Why is it taking time to approve my consent template?
Usually, the approval process takes 48 to 72 hours excluding non-working days. IF the application is still pending after the stipulated time frame you are requested to contact the help desk of the operator.
11. Can I register more than one consent template?
Yes, you can register more than one consent template, subject to approval from the Registrar (TSP).
12. Why is it mandatory to register the consent template for Service Explicit Messages?
As per TRAI Regulations, any Principle Entity who wish to send Service Explicit messages to their customers needs to acquire consent from their customers. If they do not acquire the same then such messages will not be delivered.
Hence, it is mandatory for a Principle Entity to register the consent Template and get consent from the customer before sending messages to that customer.
13. What should be the content that can be used in the consent template?
The content of the consent template should specify the purpose of the consent taken from the customer with details of the Header, the Type of the message, and the purpose of clearly defining the commercial communication.
[Brand Name]: Dear Customer, thanks for visiting Big Bazar in JP Nagar today. We would love to stay in touch with you about our new launches and promotions. To continue receiving exciting offers from us on call/SMS, please submit your consent.
14. What is the significance of the content of the consent template?
The content of the Consent Template will clearly mention the details of the consent acquired from the customer, hence avoiding any kind of complaints in the future with regard to the commercial communication done.
15. Will the user get the consent template during acquisition?
Yes, the end customer will get the consent template during the consent acquisition process.
16. Can I use the default consent template?
There are no default consent templates set for now. Hence, the Acquirer will have to create a specific Consent Template.
17. Can I edit the consent template once it approved?
No, once approved or submitted. It cannot be modified.
18. I have already registered a consent template at another operator, do I have to register again?
You can enroll the same through the “Registered with other TSP” option under the Consent Template section.
19. Why my consent template is showing inactive/ blacklisted status?
If there is any complaint, then Operator has the right to make the Consent Template inactive.
20. Why my consent template needs approval from the operator?
The template created should be as per TRAI guidelines. Hence, the Operator’s approval is required.
21. Where can I use this consent template?
A consent Template can be used to take the customer’s consent for sending commercial communication.
22. Do I have to pay for any consent template registration?
Currently, there are no charges for creating Consent Templates.
To complete the Consent Template Registration process, please do visit the operator website where you have registered for DLT.
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If you have any concerns related to this matter, please discuss them with you’re respective Account Managers or call +91 9019 120 120. 

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