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How can SMS help Education Industry?

The Indian Education sector has grown prominently in the last few years. 29% of the population falls between 0-14 years. Hence education sectors offer a great opportunity to grow businesses.


Whether it is school college, school and Universities education or other institutional education, India has witnessed a drastic turnover in this sector and attained to the highest level delivering all great minds to the rest of the world.


How Education Industry Takes Advantage From SMS Services?


SMS is the fastest way to communicate and it’s a credible choice for any institution to choose over any communication channel. By its high deliverability and open rates, it’s important to realize the potential of SMS. The education sector can greatly benefit from SMS. It’s an excellent way to build relationships with students, parents, and members of staff. Here are several ways to leverage SMS’s if you’re involved in the education sector.


1. Notices:


SMS can be used to send out notices containing useful information. They can be used to inform parents about the date when their children’s grades will be issued, you can send reminders about the parent-teacher meeting, tell them to sign permission forms for field trips, or even inform them about upcoming holidays.


2. Critical Information: 


Sending out time-sensitive SMS alerts and notices. For example school closure due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, accidents, excused absences and leaves, etc. SMS messaging services enable you to create dedicated lists for a particular group of individuals. Which makes sending out messages to the right people quick and easy.


3. Fee Notification:


Schools can send quick messages on tuition fee-related notifications and inform parents of any outstanding fees. It doesn’t feel right to go up to a student or their guardian and ask for fees.

So SMS helps to remind them about the payments which are due. You can also attach a payment link in the SMS if you’re accepting an online transaction.


4. Student performance reports:


It’s a good move to send over the performance report of the student to their parents via SMS.


5. Result Announcement: 


You can set up an SMS flow before you announce the semester or annual exam results. In this way, the results will be delivered to both parents and students. Apart from exam or test results, you can send competitions and or talent shows results.


6. Holiday Notification:


There will be situations where you are forced to have a holiday the next day. It might be the weather, political issues, or something local. Anyway, instead of the students wasting their time and energy having to come to school to get notified, can be made aware of the situation over a text as well. It speaks of your responsibility and professionalism as an organization.


7. Gathering Feedback: 


If your institution has hosted an event or annual program, you can set up a campaign to gather feedback from the attendees. You can use 2way message to communicate with them.

As you can see, using SMS text messages in the field of education has many different purposes, all of which are very useful. So, don’t think twice and start using text messages at schools and universities. There is nothing but advantages.


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