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How can Toll Free Numbers Boost Your Business?

Toll-Free Numbers have a very long history of helping businesses boost their business and significantly increase their customer base. Toll-Free Numbers came into existence in the 1950s and 1960s in North America and Great Britain.


Toll-free numbers were designed to combat the exorbitant pricing faced by customers when they make long-distance calls to businesses on the other end of a country. However, toll-free numbers gained much popularity when television and telemarketing first entered households.


Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers that can be identified by their typical number styling that starts with 1800. However, the best part is that the business is charged for all received calls and is free for callers that are potential customers.


Toll-free numbers are billed based on the number of minutes spent on-call per month or per year. This mostly depends on the subscription plan. Indian subscription plan involves fixed monthly charges which are affordable.


The toll-free number comes with a prefix of 1800. This is the reason it is still colloquially called ‘800 numbers’. Startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are adopting toll-free number services offered through cloud telephony.


1800 Toll-free:


Toll-free numbers are assigned according to a geographic area code. For India, the prefix is 1800. It is followed by a six or seven-digit number. The call charge goes to the subscribing business of the toll-free number. Anyone can reach business either by calling from a landline, mobile phone, or smartphone. MOBtexting Toll-free comes with the added advantages of cloud telephony along with benefits such as call recordings, logs, analytics, and more.


Businesses that use toll-free numbers:


Toll-free numbers play a key role in boosting brand recall. It also helps businesses accept a higher number of call requests. This is the main reason why businesses from around the world would opt for cloud-based toll-free numbers.


Automated call routing:


When you integrate Toll-free numbers with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a customer calling a toll-free number is automatically routed to the right department without keeping the customer waiting for the manual operator to connect them. This dramatically reduces the number of calls dropped due to impatience. This also allows the company to handle a significantly large volume of incoming requests efficiently. Businesses can also offer personalized greetings to customers which can be directly incorporated into IVR setup.


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