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MOBtexting and Truecaller announce partnership to offer Business Caller ID Solutions to enterprises

MOBtexting being one of the leading cloud communication platform service providers to enterprises, OTT’s and many businesses across the globe, today announced a technology partnership with Truecaller, the world’s most trusted and accurate Caller ID and telephone search engine. This agreement allows MOBtexting to provide enhanced business identification services to enterprises for building a trustworthy business communication ecosystem.

With the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID and configuration capabilities, MOBtexting can empower enterprises to increase their customer outreach and servicing efforts and improve response rates. This feature also aids brand recognition by providing an effective way for businesses to personalize the alert with logos and contextual information about their business, allowing their users to get the complete context before they decide to act on the call. Using the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, an enterprise can drive higher customer satisfaction and call efficiency.

Understanding Truecaller’s Solution- Verified Business Caller ID

Truecaller is the world’s best Caller ID & Spam Blocking app. Truecaller has introduced brand identity solutions as its premier Enterprise offering. The offering allows businesses to verify their identity which increases consumer safety by preventing fraud and scam calls. Businesses can drive efficiency in their communications while improving call-pickup rates for genuine and important calls.

With frauds & scams using spoofed identities on the rise across the world, there is an urgent need to bring in more trust in communications.


Truecaller Enterprise Highlights:

Features- Distinct Visual differentiators

* Verified Business Badge
* Brand Name
* Brand Logo
* Verified Icon
* Green Background



Why Truecaller for your Business?

People don’t have time to attend every call. Period. So it is important for your business to bypass the spam to connect with your prospects and customers.


By investing in a Verified Business Caller ID solution, you can achieve:


1. Accurate representation of your brand: Customize your business profile to add brand name and logo to preserve the brand identity while ensuring Truecaller users cannot edit the details. Thus, ensuring brand identification.

2. Improved efficiency of communication: Get access to extensive data about listed numbers, call analytics and spam support to identify calling patterns while driving actionable insights to improve call pickups.

3. Stand out from the fuss of unverified calls: Use a Verified Truecaller business profile to prevent fraudsters from misusing your brand name. At the same time, signaling your prospects and customers about the authenticity of the call.

4. Empower customers to recognize identity theft: Green background, prominent brand name, and logo along with a verified badge help the customers know this is a genuine call and not spam – thus, improving call pick up rate.


How to get started?


MOBtexting, an Omnichannel customer engagement platform has partnered with Truecaller to resell their Verified Business Caller ID solution for the enterprises. 

MOBtexting’s outbound dialer software helps businesses to automatically dial out a large set of leads and saves significant time for agents.

Please get in touch with us to integrate this solution.

Email: or call +91 9019 120 120. 


Why MOBtexting for Truecaller?


* Built for the Enterprise: Engineered for reliability, quality, and 100% uptime. Our Premium network allows improved Call deliverability.


* One Platform for all Customer Engagement Solutions: MOBtexting’s omnichannel approach helps businesses to manage their communication under one roof. Our range of solutions, hybrid, and cloud communication platforms has been designed to match the industry standards. 


* Trusted by Global Brands: MOBtexting is trusted by global brands across 190+ countries. 


* Expertise in Customer Engagement: MOBtexting has provided customer engagement solutions for 8 years. We ensure quick and seamless implementations with consistent customer support at every step of the way.


Given how much more it can do, it’s time to see beyond the obvious. To find out how your business can use MOBtexting, call +91 9019 120 120 or drop an email for

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