Bulk SMS & Cloud Telephony Services for FMCG Sector

Whether it’s the customers, retailers, dealers or employees, they all are a chunk of bandwagon that an FMCG sector has to balance to make its wheels running efficiently. In such a scenario, MOBtexting is a perfect and a potent application that standardized your entire communication process.

The MOBtexting bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

Send Significant Updates

Maintain proper communication between manufacturers and dealers. Send updates via SMS to all the dealers, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers for the smooth running of the businesses.

Always Stay Active

Integrate FMCG website with the SMS gateway APIs and make your website more interactive, updated, dynamic and standardized. So, it acts as an interactive and modern communication system.

Arrange Big Sales Locally

Send SMS to your local opt-in database regarding your products and fabulous offers and generate more sales across your locality.

Organise a Survey

Organise voting or opinion polls among customers to know how much they like your product and enhance your product accordingly.

Maintain All Call Records

Track and record the communication what your team communicates with your customers and use them to make your business even better.

Manage all Calls Effectively

Manage all the incoming calls by using Cloud Telephony Solutions and measure the performance of your business in real-time.

Initiate a Seamless Communication

Integrate cloud telephony into your website with the help of APIs and make the communication between you and your customers seamless and compelling.