Unified Platform

All Communication Medium for your business from one console

Push Messaging, Pull Messaging, Voice Broadcasting, IVR, Missed Call, Cloud Call Center, Authentication, Lead Management at One Console.

Your Business Number

Local Number

Extend your business’s presence with local number by reaching out to regional customers.

Virtual Number

A fancy Virtual Mobile Number to receive calls from anywhere, anytime./ A fancy Virtual Number easy to remember and Uniquie for your Business

Toll Free Number

Enhance your business brand’s credibility with Toll Free Number which allow your customer to call you at No Cost.

Toll Number

Creare your own Brand Identity and Reduce communication cost by using a Toll Number- 1860-XXX-XXX

Mirror Number

Enhance Your Business's brand recall by promoting a phone number that is easy to remember for your customers

Vanity Number

Enhance Your Business's brand recall by promoting a phone number that is easy to remember for your customers

Port Your Existing Number

Retain your existing business's phone number so you do not lose any business call while going with cloud telephony.

Multi-level IVRS Studio

Virtual Drag-drop API's

Easy to set-up Cal Flow and get the Exact API using drag and drop the widget, usefull for integrationg other system

Text to Speech

Your Write your own text, we will convert into speech file and that can be played while customer will call.


Make Business Communication more effective and make personalized usng MOBtexting Services


Get Customized Solution and for all aspects, you can Customized the call flow as per your business need

After hours Call Routing

Map Office Hours and Non office hours. Your call Flow can be separated as per your Office Hours

Sticky Agents

It helps Caller to Connect the call to the same agent again and again directly.

Music on Hold

Setup your own Brand or Custom Music while caller is holding the Line or on Q

Live Call Transfer

Easy to transfer call while speaking with one agent to another using DTMF Key

Call Forwarding

Forward call to any verified Number in India, no Need to Set up anything all Automated


Replace your Office Intercom System with MOBtexting CLoud Telephony System. More Easy, More Convenient.

Voice Mail

Let Your Customer Record Message while Unavailbility of Agents, it can be sent through email

Download Report

Download full Report with 100% Transperency and we keep separated report for each individual Service

Notification, Reports, Analytics

Live Web Interface

You will able to see all Live activities on MOBtexting Dashboard Itselft.

Live Call Reporting

Get your call Analytics, Reporting and Call Status Live.

Detailed Analytics

Our Simple Analytics System can make your Reporting part more smoother

Call Patterns Analysis

Analyze the Call Pattern in all aspects like- Location, Time, Call Record etc MOBtexting Report

Call Tracking

Track Each and Every call with MObtexting Live Call Tracking Feature. Also every Communication is Recorded.

Call Recordings

Better Business Decisions

Make better Business Decisions by using our MOBtexting Services and Analysing the Outcome of the Service

Productivity Enhancement

Enhance better Productivity and Communication using MOBtexting Cloud Telephony Services.

Dispute Resolutions

Easy way to handle escaltion by dedicating Separate Number for Escaltion Hotline

Automated Calls & SMS

COD Order Confirmation

Use Two way Authentication while COD order- Verify the User for Cash on Delivery

Automated Feedback Collection

Collect Feedback in Multiple Way- Missed Call, IVR- DTMF Key Press, Two way SMS, OBD etc.

Send SMS Alert

Send Custom SMS alert for Each phase of Communication to Caller, Agent and Admin as well

Missed Call Services

Cost Effective

We can gurantee that our Price is lowest amoung the Market and More Options are available at the same time

Powerful Marketing Tool

MOBtexting Communication System not only automate the Communication also its a Powerful Marketing Tool

Additional Powerful Features

Unlimited Channels

We do not have any channel limitation. You can technically receive unlimited number of concurrent calls.

Lead Manager

Our Integrated Lead Management Sytem will help you more Innovative way to engage with customer


Get customer Data from Mobtexting Panel and use those for Remarketing for your business

CRM Integration

Integrated CRM will help you to increase Customer Engagement and Also helpful for Assign task to Agent

Block Callers

Avoid Getting calls from Unwanted caller. Block caller at any point of time and get rid of fake caller

API Integration

Integrate MOBtexting APIs with any system. Our Simple and Developer friendly API can be cusomized till nth point

Click 2 Call

MOBtexting has inbuilt click to call Feature which allows you to make calls from the Dashboard Itself.

Role based login

Get Agent Log in details as per Roles and Responsibility set by Admin.

Custom Sender ID

Avail Free and Custom Sender ID as per your Brand Name which can be used to Automate the Alert

Web Call/ Dialer App

Dial any Indian Nmber by Copy paste from anywhere from Our Dialer Application which is Inbuild in Application

Mobile Application

Avail FREE Android Application for Admin and Agent. Easy to use on Go and anywhere.