International SMS

Reach Out To Your Global Customers to Promote Products, Services, Offers, Communicate & Engage at Low Cost

International Bulk SMS Gateway allows you to send Bulk Messages across the globe at very affordable cost. Our International SMS Gateway makes easy to promote your Business, Brand or Products across the globe via SMS at just one click. Our Bulk SMS Gateway connects directly with leading Mobile Operators & Partners across the Globe. With the help of our Bulk SMS Gateway, expand your reach beyond local boundaries, increase leads and business growth, improve Brand Awareness in global markets and enhance customer base


User-friendly & Interactive Interface

Explore User-friendly Web Interface which can be accessed from anywhere by any non technical person to use it with ease

Unicode SMS

Send Bulk SMS in your regional language which your customers can read easily. It helps to have a better connect with your customers

API Integration

Easily intergrate Bulk SMS Services with Your Website, CRM, ERP, Apps etc. to send automated messages as per your requirement


Schedule your Future, Event, Festive SMS with ease to deliver on any future date and t ime without any trouble so you can enjoy your other work

DND & Non-DND Delivery

Bulk SMS can be sent to DND numbers as well so none of your customer will miss any update or anything depend on Operator’s rules & regulation

Premium SMS Gateway

Explore Premium Bulk SMS Gateway to deliver your SMS instantly across any networks without any loop hole.

Real-time Reports

Access Your Real-Time Report for each SMS Campaign to know sent time, delivery time and message status etc. with our web panel

Flash SMS

Send Critical Alerts, Notification via Flash SMS that will display directly on the screen as a notification which can be read and saved.

Personalized SMS

Personalize your SMS by adding recipients Name & Other required details. Send different information to different customers in just one click

Upload Numbers Via Excel

Don’t write the number manually, just upload numbers via an Excel sheet directly and send messages in just one click only

Brand Sender ID

Have Your Brand Name as a Sender ID and make sure your recipients recall your Brand and read your message without any ignorance.

Manage Contacts & Group

Upload your contacts and categorize them via making particular groups to access anytime, anywhere for sending messages

Campaign Tracker

Incorporate our Smart URL & Smart Tracking in your SMS Campaign and measure the campaign performance on real time basis.


Send Bulk SMS & track all the Messages with detailed ovierview report via just one click

Global Coverage

Reach everyone, promote business and get leads around the world just by sending SMSs to their mobile.

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Direct Operator Connectivity

Our SMS Gateway connects directly with leading Mobile Operators & Partners across the Globe.

DND Delivery

Reach out your all customers & deliver your services to the DND Numbers along Non DND Numbers as well.

Send SMS 24*7

Send Update, Critical Alerts, Important Information, Reminder 24/7 smoothly

Ease of Use

Industry Best User-friendly Messaging Application so you can enjoy it with ease.


It’s a cost-effective medium in comparison to any other medium in communicating any kind of information with your targeted audience

Instant Delivery

Send Your critical alerts & deliver them instantantly to communicate faster and engage your customers

Increase ROI

Enables marketers to get the highest return with Bulk SMS Services

Improve Customer Engagement

Reach out to your targeted customers easily about new offers, services or new products and engage them on regular basis

Enhance Traffic

Run Bulk SMS Campaign to generate traffic to your website via offering discounts, making them aware about new products/ services and redirect them to your website or specific page & track them as well.

Customer Support

Get 24*7 support and assistance via e-mail/chat/call for any kind of queries

Track SMS Campaign

Track your SMS Open rate with Smart URL & Smart Tracking feature

Expand Your Customer Base

Run Promotions & Offers campaign via International Bulk SMS to reach out your International targeted masses & expand your customer base.

Where To Use

Promote Offers

Initiate, selling your products or services to the global customers by providing offers. Hence, increase awareness, enhance brand loyalty and increase your brand image up to an elevated level.

  • Promotional Offer Update
  • Coupon Update
  • Loyalty Points Update
  • Upcoming Service Reminders
  • New Product Launch

Generate Leads

Transactional SMS made possible to generate leads from your international customers. Thus, create a huge database containing mobile numbers and names of globally based customers.

  • Increase Buyers For Your Real Estate Business
  • Increase Students For Your educational Institution
  • Increase Donations For Non-profit organization
  • Increase Customers For E-commerce Business

Communicate Globally

Stay in contact and communicate effectively with customers staying in different countries. You won’t have to pay for huge international SMS costs, however you can send bulk SMS at a reasonable cost.

  • Manage Your Business
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Promote Your Business

Who Can Use ?

Starting from an Individual, Small Retails Shop, SME/SMB to a big Multinational Enterprise can use our International SMS Services to communicate important information, alerts and promote offers globally and engage them on a regular basis. Major industries are: