Long Code Messaging Service

Long code is a 10 Digit Mobile Number, which is also known as Virtual Mobile Number. Long codes are extremely generative to engage the users into a speedy and cost-efficient Multi directional communications. Through Long Codes users can send a text message across globe to interact with applications and get the desired response. Users are charged as per regular SMS rate of users.

Long Codes or Virtual Numbers are globally accessible is a perfect fit for enterprises who don’t want their target customers/prospects or employees to pay premium SMS charges for sending a query. Typical services that can be deployed using a virtual mobile number can be a Request-Response application, Information-on-Demand, Activation of service, etc.

Push and Pull System

Push and pull based messaging system that allows messages to be sent and receipt of responses to allow customer interactions.


Unique mobile number that brands your product/solution/company. The number can be stored by the user for later reference.

API Integration

Allows integration with major applications including CRM/CRM etc with our 2 Way SMS API/Trigger URL .


Allows automation of inbound campaigns by Using static/dynamic responses or based upon keywords.

Lead Generation

Collect phone numbers and details of customers, who respond to the SMS or ads and use for other campaigns in future or retarget for more conversions.

Real-Time Reporting

Campaign performance real time web-based reporting.

Media Tracking

2 Way SMS can be integrated with all kind of marketing campaign to track medium & it performance .

Auto Reply

The feature allows the business to respond to the user query automatically

Feedback Collection

Get customer feedback thru numeric choices enabling faster prospect identification or issues resulting in improvement of service or product.

Store Locator

2-Way SMS can help find nearest store using the zipcode or keywords to specified number. Helps guide customers to the store for conversions and leads.

Virtual Number

Provide Virtual Numbers to clients or ads in other media or websites so that the clients can respond to the stated numbers and get leads.

Detailed Report

Receive detailed reports including the send number, receive number, date & time of message along with campaign details for easy monitoring.

Real-time Analytics

An easy-to-unfold web interface provides analytical reporting Real-time analysis of the campaign performance.

Incoming & Outgoing SMS

2-Way SMS allows the sending and receiving of SMS at the same cost and hence allows 2-way communication at a fraction of the cost of regular SMS.

URL Forward

SMS can be sent to a particular URL that can then be used to forwarded to another user or system.

International Reach

Long Code (Virtual Number) can receive messages from any number across world so it globally accessible.

10 Digit Virtual Number

Long Code gives the opportunity to use 10-digit unique codes to brand & business and create lead opportunities globally.

Unlimited Subkeywords

Every Long Code Keyword you create includes free Sub-Keywords. They enable features like global voting, polling, multiple-location marketing campaigns.

Virtual Customer Care

Long code works as virtual customer care where an user can request to get details on real time.

2 Way Communication

Long code allows 2 Way Communication at an affordble cost


No modification and customization of messaging is required for different location.

Collections Handling

Effective method to increase promises-to-pay and collections.

Marketing Tool

Is an effective Sales, Promotions, Customer Support and Marketing and even effective customer feedback tool.

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Long Code SMS is a messaging system that uses keywords to text over a digital line and integrates with the existing company communication framework.
Long Code Messaging is one of the cheapest messaging systems available and it can be used to communicate among several departments and employees offering immense opportunity for both internal and external customers. This is a cheaper and faster system to implement and is excellent for branding.
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