2 Way SMS - Short Code

Generate Leads, Collect Response For Events, Track Medium, Share Info On Demand

Short Code is a 5, 7 or 9 digit number that is also known as Short Code Virtual Numbers. Short Codes messages are premium 2 Way Messaging services in which end users send text messages to 5/7/9 Digit Numbers to show their interest in a particular service or get desired response instantly. You can integrate 2 Way Short Code SMS with your Marketing Campaign to track your Marketing ROI & engage your target audience.


Push & Pull System

It works on an interactive approach with push & pull based messaging to make communication more interactive

Smart Automation

Allows smart automation of all inbound campaigns with static and dynamic responses, based upon keywords

Custom Keyword

Define Keywords as per your business/offer/product, etc. to have a better recall value for the brand in customer’s mind

URL Forwarding

Send SMS to a URL that can be again used to forward the SMS to another user whenever you want.

Media Tracking

Measure the Media & Marketing Performance and level of audience engagement through 2 Way SMS Integration.

Free Unlimited Auto-Reply

Send back powerful replies in your campaigns/support query by setting up customized SMS for Auto Reply as per your need.

Unlimited Sub Keywords

With a single Short Code Keyword, You can create unlimited sub keywords as per your needs & setup different auto reply for each keywords.

API Integration

Integrate 2 Way SMS with your CRM/ERP to get real time update in your system for any marketing or support activities

Real-time Reports

Monitor the efficiency of your Marketing Campaign or any other activities with 2 Way SMS in real time

Dashboard Access

You can easily access the dashboard of your business to know about the status of your SMS campaign.


Acess complete report of your customer’s request by state-wise report, operator-wise report, Number-wise Report etc

E-Mail Alert

Get all the alerts on your email id so you can interact, communicate with your customers without accessing your dashboard.

SMS Alert

Get all the alerts on your mobile number so you can interact, communicate with your customers without accessing your dashboard.

Interested in Buying Short Code SMS Services


Measure Success

Easily measure success after the completion of the campaign by analyzing the report

Improve Customer Engagement

Monitor and collect feedback & responses from customers via a single platform

Device Portable

This service is accessible to all users, irrespective of their mobile device type


Receive messages from any location, any time easily without any change in the system

Marketing Tool

Effective Sales & Promotion tool that support your customer needs and bring an edge in your services

Customer Support

Be available anytime for your customer, vendors to respond their queries/request

Where To Use

Store/ATM Locator

Integrate 2 Way SMS in your Marketing & Customer Support, Deliver address of your Company, Office, Branch, Store or ATM, etc. on just a single SMS

Lead Generation

Integrate 2 Way SMS with your Marketing Campaign Medium (Print, Outdoor, Online etc) and generate leads and engage them with Autoreply SMS

Balance Check

Allow your users to know their account balance by just sending one SMS to 2 Way SMS Gateway Number.

Mobile/DTH Recharge

Allow your users to recharge their account balance by just sending one SMS to 2 Way SMS Gateway Number.

Survey & Polling

Implement 2 Way SMS for your Survey & Polling activities to engage your target audience on a real time basis.

COD Order Verification

Verify your users & authenticity of COD Order with 2 Way SMS to avoid cancellation and to establish smooth process.

Feedback Collection

Collect feedback from your potential customers to enhance your product & services to stay ahead in the market.


Get Response from your target audience for your live event like Realty TV Show, Product Voting, Election, etc. and measure the performance smartly in real time


Deliver m-Coupon with fabulous offers to your targeted audience on real time demand and enhance engagement

On Demand Service

Share relevant & targeted information to your mobile workforce or your customers, partners, etc. on their requested and stay connected


With 2 Way SMS, Track your marketing activities, has a better customer support, capture response 24*7, generate leads & stay connected

Customer Support

Establish SMS Enabled Customer Care & Support Team to Respond Customer’s all queries or request via SMS on a real time basis.

Here are few examples of Transactional SMS

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Who Can Use ?

Starting from an Individual, Small Retails Shop, SME/SMB to a big Multinational Enterprise can use our Short Code SMS Services to generate leads, collect feedbacks, collect response for events, track medium & share info on demand on a regular basis. Major industries are: