Transactional SMS Service

These are intstant messages & alerts send to your customers, vendors or partners to communicate necessary information, reminders and updates etc. Transactional Bulk SMS allows sending service messages that include more information on the services that they are subscribed to. For example banks may send messages alerting customers of their balance, any new information, payment alert, etc. Transactional SMS services do not contain any kind of marketing or promotional tone. Since these SMS do not contain any kind of promotional or marketing information, therefore even the numbers that are included in the NDNC (National Do-Not-Call) list get these messages. This service can be integrated with any CRM/ERP or e-Commerce platform, websites to send automated messaging.

Unicode SMS

Create Messages that can support multiple languages and hence can reach out to a wider audience that too globally to bring high engagement with targeted subscribers.

User-friendly Interface

Our Bulk Messaging Application is a web based user friendly application to use without having much knowledge of technical things. It can be accessed from any where across globe.

API Integration

Our Bulk Messaging Application can be integrated with any websites, softwares, CRM/ERP etc to send alerts, notifications, confirmations etc. Custom based API can be also build as per requirements.


Our Scheduler Feature allow you to send SMS regarding offers, wishes etc at later time at no extra cost. You can schedule Bulk SMS for any selected date & time.

Instant Delivery

All Application delivery messages instantly & Support more than a million messages in a minute. Our Robust Messaging app offers instant delivery.

Detailed Real Time Reports

Reports can be generated on real-time to assess the campaign success. Our App will generate report as per campaign or message processed & track the progress.

Auto-DND Filters

DND Numbers list can be extracted automatically from our application while campaigning and no message delivery, credit deduction, no complaints.

Contact Manager

User-friendly method to manage contacts in an organised manner. Form groups to message accordingly and save lists of users for future reference.

Template Manager

Create pre-defined SMS templates contacts. Templates can stored for easy reference and quick messaging in future.

Premium SMS Gateway

Our Premium SMS Gateway allows you send messages instantly with no major delay across any networks at no extra cost.

Retry Mechanism

Our Messaging Gateway retry to delivery message in case of SMS receipt failure with & without operator assistance.

Personalized SMS

Our Messaging Application allows you to personalise the SMS to get very high attention from your prospects and to reduce your telephone bill.

Flash SMS

Our Messaging Application allows you to send flash SMS which will directly display on screen as a notification as user can save it for later purpose also.

Customer Support

24/7 support is provided for 365 Days a year to not lose any working day. You can contact us via email, call.

24/7 SMS delivery

Transactional SMS can be send 24/7 without any intruption with instant delivery.

Alerts SMS

Send alerts in bulk for various purposes including pharmacy recharges, bill payments,phone charges and billing and bank balance.

Sender ID

Sender ID is a Six Digit Identity which represents company, brand or products. In Transactional SMS, Customer can have six characters alphabetic only as Sender ID which will be header of all SMSes.

Instant Reach without Disturbance

Transactional SMS allows to send message 24/7 with DND Delivery so it become easy to communicate with any prospects or customers regarding anything without any disturbance in comparison to calling

High Open Rate

SMS has a very high open rate as it hits directly to customer’s inbox in comprasion to email marketing. Customer carry mobile most of the time so can be open anytime & no chance of spam delivery, no disturbance.

High ROI

SMS Marketing enables advertiser to get higher return due to low costs and higher customer uptake in comparison to phone calls or personal visit.

Effective Branding

Bulk SMS allows you to reach people directly to to communicate any critical information. SMS has high chance to get forwarded or shared in any communities or groups than any other medium.

Cost Effective

Tranactional SMS is very cost effective marketing method of direct communication in comparison to any other traditional marketing medium to improve business ROI.

Short & Crisp (KISS Formula)

One SMS equals to 160 Characters in length for normal messaging which makes your message short & crisp for a clear & straight communication.

Super Fast

Bulk SMS Marketing allows you reach to all set of customers at the same time without paying anything premium which no other medium provides. Its instant & effective marketing medium.

Time Save

Transactional SMS allows you to communicate all critical information/update on a single touch which save a lot of time in comparsion to calling medium. Messaging can be automated also.

DND Delivery

Transactional SMS gets delivered on DND number anytime so no headache whether customers are in DND or Non-DND as they will receive all messages under transactional route.

Improved Customer Engagement

The customers are informed about all kind of update without any disturbance and results in better customer actions and insights.

Real Time and On-Time Delivery

The messages are delivered instantly and accurately especially financial transactions Reports are generated real-time.

Sender ID

Sender ID is a Six Digit Identity which represents company, brand or products. In Transactional SMS, Customer can have six characters alphabetic only as Sender ID which will be header of all SMSes.

SMS Count Price (INR) Payment Mode
5,000 SMS Package 1,500 Buy Now
10,000 SMS Package 2,500 Buy Now
25,000 SMS Package 5,000 Buy Now
50,000 SMS Package 9,000 Buy Now
1,00,000 SMS Pack 15,000 Buy Now
5,00,000 SMS Pack Contact Us Contact Us
Transactional SMS is a service that allows sending messages that include information and updates such as those from the banking services or online medicine re-order reminders or even mobile recharges.
Transactional SMS's are an effective channel of customer support and also serve as a reminder to allow for effective customer engagement.
Yes, This is allowed for Transactional SMS's.
Our Application allows the storage of contacts in various universally-accepted formats such as text, CSV, Excel.
You can contact us by filling in the form or call us at 8553023888 or mail us at
You can make payment via cash, cheque, online transfer (NEFT) or online via credit card.
Our Each package comes with unlimited guarantee but if TRAI brings any new rules which can be applicable that time.
Technical and non-technical support will be provided 24/7 for 365 days.
You can contact us by filling in the form or call us at 9019 120 120 or mail us at
You can make payment via cash, cheque, online transfer (NEFT) or online via credit card.

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