Caller Masking Solution

Bridge Buyer & Seller without disclosing their private number via Caller Masking

Caller Masking is a technology used to mask the caller identity i.e, phone number to the callee. The Caller Masking Solution allows for safeguarding your customer privacy. Instead of connecting two people directly, it acts as a bridge to connect people and help to eliminate any off-platform business. Hence, Caller Masking increases the accountability and decrease the conflict between the customer and vendor.


Protect Identity

Protect identity of caller and callee through caller masking solution.

Call Recording

Allows selective or complete recordings of all calls for quality monitoring & evaluation

Track & Analyze

Track all the calls and analyze the conversation to get the insights instantly

Control Communication

Stop receiving calls other than service hours and control the communication effectively.

Privacy Management

Get an API Key for privacy management so that no can use it in an unauthorized way.

Multiple DID Numbers

Get multiple phone numbers and issue them particularly to the end users

Trigger URL

Know the actions taken by the caller on the trigger URL without going to dashboard

Interested in Buying Caller Masking Solution


Increase Customers

Increase number of customers for your business by protecting their identity.

Safe and Secure

Safely hide identity of your customers and protect them from unwanted calls

Solve Conflict

Solve any conflict between vendor and customer by recording their conversations.

Enhance Customer Adherence

Customers will increase their trust in your business and again opt your service if you are using Masking Caller ID solution

24*7 Support

Get 24/7 dedicated and experts customer supports both online and offline from our end.

Where To Use

Hide Identity

Protect the privacy of the customer and vendor by hiding their personal number from each other. Record all calls, bridge the call with a single number and allow a safe communication mode for all your customers.

Evade Off-platform Transaction

As you will be able to hide the personal number of your customers, there won’t be any off-platform transaction by the vendors in your absence or in an anonymous way

Enhance Business

Experience the best way to keep your business unique and keep your customers yours with the help of Caller Masking Solution based on Cloud Technology. Thus, enhance your business and add value to it.

Who Can Use ?

Caller Masking is mostly used by Aggregators to bridge between buyers and sellers without disclosing their identities. In this way, they can use Caller Masking to protect the privacy of the customers. Major Industries