Click 2 Call Solution

Convert Web Visitors Into Customers Instantly & Enhance Your Lead Conversion

Click 2 Call technology is an immediate calling application or interface on your website or mobile application that make you get in touch with the user or visitors at a single click. It has been reported that adding Click 2 Call Buttons will increase average orders, bring better conversion rates and increase sales. It enables your team to make a genuine connection with your customers and act as a huge time saver.


Call Recording

Keep an eye on your employee performance by recording their conversation and assure quality service.

Hosted solution

Spend no capital for setup as we host software and connectivity at our premise effectively.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate click-2-call solution to your CRM system, LMS system or E-commerce website

Inbuilt HTML Code

Get the inbuilt HTML code from us and implement on your website or application by yourself for click-2-call functionality.

24X7 Up and Running

It's a professionally managed, highly scalable solution and remain dynamic 24x7

Smart Agent:

The smart agent allows customers to call you only by clicking on the numbers in the applications or e-mails.

Real Time Reports

Generate real-time reports and summary of all the received and missed calls automatically and track the progress.

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Connect to Relevant Agent

Know from which web page the customer is calling and direct the call to the relevant agent

Boost Productivity:

As the right call will be landed to the right agent at a time, it boosts employees’productivity.

Increase Sales

Generate more sales by giving constant and instant assistance to your customer

Web-based Telemarketing:

Get success by organizing web-based telemarketing campaign for your business.


Present a great customer experience with an excellent Click 2 Call Service at a reasonable price

Where To Use


Initiate instant calling with enhanced Click 2 Call cloud-based support. Integrate our widget on your website and get connected with your leads whenever they search for you. Quickly activate a call between your customer and agent as customers click on the button

Mobile App

Instant calling can be initiated in mobile app as similar to the website. Here you need to integrate our widget on your application. Further process will be similar as in the case of the website.

Get Customer Data

Accumulate the name, phone number and other details of the customer through this technology and create a database of potential customers

Lead Generation:

Easily convert your website visitors or application users into leads by allowing them to call you for free. Thus, interact with your audience staying in different time zones.

Who Can Use ?

Starting from an Individual, SME/SMB to a big multinational Enterprise can use Click 2 Call Solution on their application or website. It will help to convert website visitors into customer immediately.