Interactive Voice Messaging

Interactive Voice Messaging is powerful way to capture user response while delivering pre-recorded messaging to thousands of targeted audience at a time. Interactive Voice Messaging allows you to stay in touch with your customers & promote your products or services in effective way.

Setup in Less time

Get started for voice messaging with mobtexting in just a minute so you need not to wait for a day to get setup for your voice campaign

Multipe Voice Gateway

Our Voice Messaging application is designed to handle multiple voice campaign at one time to deliver very high quality voice messaging to all networks

Clould Infrastructure

Our Cloud Infrastructure ensure best delivery of any campaign. Our Clould Infrastruture highly stable and sclable

User-friendly Interface

Our Bulk Messaging Application is a web based user friendly application that doesn't need technical knowledge. It can be accessed from any where.

Lead Generation

Collect phone numbers and details of customers, who respond to the Voice Message (Press 1) and forward to your sales team for sales followup


Our Scheduler Feature allow you sender Voice SMS regarding offers, wishes etc at later time at no extra cost.

Self-managed System

This solution requires no infrastructure and is fully managed by experts.

Instant Delivery

All Application delivery messages instantly & Support more than a million messages in a minute. Our Robust Messaging app offers instant delivery.

Detailed Real Time Reports

Reports can be generated on real-time to assess the campaign success. Our App will generate report as per campaign or message processed & track the progress.

Auto-DND Filters

DND Numbers list can be extracted automatically from our application while campaigning and no message delivery, credit deduction, no complaints.

Contact Manager

User-friendly method to manage contacts in an organised manner. Form groups to message accordingly and save lists of users for future reference.

Template Manager

Upload pre-defined voice template in our application. Templates can stored for easy reference and quick voice messaging in future.

Customer Support

24/7 support is provided for 365 days a year to not lose any working day. You can contact us via email, call.

Effective Direct Branding

Voice Messaging allows you to reach people directly to promote offers, products launch, events update etc. and communicate any critical information in personalized way.

Cost Effective

Our Voice Messaging Costing will be best in industry and service wise no issue or complain


Voice Messaging can be sent in any languague as per audiences so it high chance to get connected and remember by end customers.

Easy to Use

Our Application is user friendly and easy to use so no technical expertise is needed to use our application.

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IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated system that allows responses to customers dialling inbound to the business. The system allows tailor-made and professional responses using a choice of numbers that act as inputs from the customer.
Interactive Voice Response are a necessity for any major business that offers information and also provides means to check details such as account details in banking and other financial transactions. It also provides faster access to the information compared to direct customer support and avoids long waiting and also call drops. In case, no one is available to pick the call, the system can also store contact information so that the lead possibility is not lost.
The package allows the storage of lists in various universally-accepted formats such as text, CSV, Excel and other database-exportable formats so that these can be plugged in to the package.
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