Outbound Dialer

Give Your Voice To Marketing, Promotion, Product Launch & Engage Your Customers

Automate and optimize your outbound calling procedure to fulfill your business needs in a shorter time span. Our simple, secure & user-friendly interactive voice and data services enable our clients to deliver information to their customers, promote businesses & engage them through outbound dialing solutions. Outbound Dialing Solutions combine the personal touch of a human voice with advanced technology that allows you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people in a single click only. MOBtexting OBD solutions fits in all kinds of Business Needs & Requirement.


User-friendly Interference

Explore User-friendly Web Interface which can be accessed from anywhere. Easy to run Voice SMS Campaign. Not much technical knowledge required.

Cloud Infrastructure

Explore Cloud Infrastructure to enjoy high speed & stable platform and also it allows to scale the capacity & performance anytime

Responsive Voice Platform

MOBtexting Voice Platform allows you to run responsive Voice Campaign which allows to capture multiple responses to measure the performance & capture leads, feedbacks etc

Future Scheduling

Schedule Your Future Event, Festive Voice SMS with ease to deliver on any future date and time without any trouble so you can enjoy your other work.

Auto DND Filters

Extract the list of DND Numbers automatically from your contact list while you are scheduling OBD campaign from MOBtexting Application

Premium & Multiple Voice Gateway

Explore Premium & Multile Voice SMS Gateway to deliver your Voice SMS instantly across any networks without any loop hole

Real-Time Reports

Our User-friendly Web Panel allow you to access Your Real-Time Report for each Voice SMS Campaign to know sent time, delivery time and message status etc.

Upload Numbers Via Excel

Don’t write the number manually, just upload numbers via an Excel sheet directly and send your pre-recorded voice messages in just one click only

Manage Contacts & Group

Upload your contacts and categorize them via making particular groups to access anytime, anywhere for sending voice messages

Upload Audio Files

Our User-friendly Web Panel allow you upload audio files to run your Voice SMS Campaign. This save a lot of time and can access anytime.


Run Your Voice SMS Campaign & track all the messages with a detailed overview report in just one click.

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Direct Operator Connectivity

Our Voice Gateway connects directly with leading Mobile Operators & Partners

Better Quality With Accuracy

Eradicate manual dialing with automated dialing, assure data accuracy with verification and enhance quality service


Send Voice SMS in local language as per your audience and get connected with your potential customers.

Lead Generation

Voice Campaign help you reach wide market with human approach whichhelp to generate more leads for your business.

Survey & Feedback

Voice SMS help to run Feedback & Survey Campaign in short frame of time and get desired response as well with its advance features

Ease of Use

Industry Best User-friendly Voice SMS Application so you can enjoy it with ease

Effective Branding

Directly promote brands, offers, launch products, campaigns & deliver the vital information with customers.

Automatic Dialing

Increase your productivity time by replacing automatic dialing process instead of manual dialing.

Enhance Brand Recall

Voice gives better impact than other mediums so it helps in Brand Recall as people can remember voice easily.

Customer Support

Get 24/7 dedicated and professional customer supports both online and offline from our end.

Where To Use

Promote Product/Offers

Outbound dialing is the best application to support telemarketing. If you have a suitable database of your targeted customers, then you can send the automated calls to promote your product or offers.

Integrate With Missed Call

Integrating a missed call number with outbound dialing will help to give information that customer’s want in an automated way. It will be recorded one so that customers can only listen and get the desired information and opt the service.

Promote Your Brand

Brand Promotion through Voice SMS is significant to achieve customer acquisition and engagement.It is used for raising customer awareness,creating brand loyalty and generating sales

Launch Voice SMS Campaign

Bulk Voice SMS Campaign will make simpler to send pre-recorded voice messages regarding new outlet launching, upcoming sales offer,sending reminder and much more. It presents the easiest way to efficiently communicate with your potential customers

Generate Leads

Generate relevant leads through Voice SMS Campaign. Allow Individual to opt into your service by responsive OBD. Collect mobile numbers of targeted customers interested in your products or services

Collect Feedback

Run OBD Campaign after providing services to your set of customers to collect feedback to enhance business’s service, quality & strengthen customer relationship.

Progressive Dialing

Automate the calls one after the other, save time and improve productivity. This process eliminates manual dialing and takes less time to connect with the prospects

Who Can Use ?

Starting from an Individual or Small Retails Shop, SME/SMB to a big Multinational Enterprisecan use our Outbound Dialing Service to engage your customers automatically and promote your business and offers. Hence, send a personalized and positive customer experience. Major industries