Toll-Free Service

Improve Your Brand Image, Never Miss Business Enquires & Generate More Leads

Gain a customer base quickly at no expense to the user and increase business revenue gradually. It is a convenient way to connect your business with your customers at zero cost from customer end. Toll Free Services are mostly used by organizations to handle sales, support, polls, voting, survey, CRM, etc to build better brand image. Toll-Free Service is regarded as the best solution to provide best customer support and inbound marketing at zero cost to the consumers which allows customers to connect to build better relationship.


User-friendly & Interactive Interference

Explore User-friendly Web Interface which can be accessed from anywhere to configure IVRS setup, call flow & modify it

Toll-free Based Multi-level IVR

Welcome your callers professionally & configure multiple department, agents, give a seamless IVR experience without wasting your caller’s time.

Welcome Message

Greet Callers with welcome message & Bring Human touch in welcoming your callers to give wonderful & positive experience to your callers & customers

Departments Mapping

Let your customers or callers connect with your all departments through single number and engaged with right person to enhance communication & meet customer’s needs.

Multi-Agent Access

Allow your agents or users to login to our dashboard and access their call logs to track their performance and do follow-up

Record Calls

Record every call on with IVRS & monitor them to improve your team performance, call handling quality & productivity

Multiple Extensions

With IVRS multiple extensions features, allow your callers or customers to connect right person directly via single number without any reception

Music on Hold

Engage your callers with Music on Hold features and share good news or anything when customer’s call is on hold

Sticky Agent

If your customers call more than once or call got disconnected during conversation, then it will connect the caller to the same agent when he or she redial

Contact Manager

Manage your contacts in an organized manner by creating groups and saving list of users for future reference.

Cloud Infrastructure:

Create and deliver your campaign through our Cloud Infrastructure which is highly stable and scalable.

Agent Group

Create agent groups so that the workflow will be smoother and distribute phone calls accordingly.

Advanced Call Routing:

Enhance the customer experience by routing calls automatically to agents who can speak in a language they are comfortable.

Activate Number Instantly

Choose your desired & fancy numbers from our particular list & get it activated instantly for IVR Service

Brand Sender ID

Have Your Brand Name as a Sender ID when you send auto reply message to your callers to engage them on realtime basis

SMS Notifications

Configure the application as per your need and send thank you messages, notifications or custom messages

Call Forwarding

Forward your customer call to the right agent or office etc who has the ability to serve them correctly

API Integration

Get IVRS API integrated with your CRM’s to track live IVR reports in your system

Office-time Mapping

Manage your Interactive Voice Messaging Services for your customers within your business hours and disable it when you don’t require

Real-time Reports

Detailed Real-time reports can be generated automatically as per the campaign performance and track the progress of each campaign

Interested in Buying Toll-free Number Solution


Lead Generation

Get an indispensable and consistent communication with your customers and generate more leads.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customer will call you at no cost 24x7 to take your service and increase their satisfaction on your brand.

Easy To Remember

As the number is easy to remember for everyone, it acts as a powerful marketing tool


Relocate your business wherever you want because, with this solution, location doesn’t matter


Toll-free numbers offer your brand credibility and improve your brand image

Increase ROI

Users reaches you through the toll-free number to have a personalized discussion & increase ROI

24*7 Support

Get 24/7 dedicated and professional customer supports both online and offline from our end

Where To Use

Offer Free Support

Enhance customer satisfaction on your brands by allowing them to connect with you easily at no cost. Through toll free number, WOW your customer by providing them desired information.

Generate Enquiries

Toll free number encourages people to give a call to enquire about your service or product. So, you can add a toll free number on your website, online ads, billboards, videos, newspaper ads, etc. to generate leads and increase enquiries.

Boost Marketing ROI

Persuade people to reach you for any queries or information without any cost through your marketing campaigns. Finally, it enhances the interest of people on your product or service and boosts marketing ROI

Increase Sales

By allowing customers to reach you whenever they want for any information or query will increase your sales. So, providing a satisfactory customer support, free of cost will leverage your business

Who Can Use ?

Starting from an Individual, Small Retails Shop, SME/SMB to a big multinational Enterprise can use our Toll free number to magnify the brand image and generate more leads. Hence, send a customized and positive customer experience. Major industries: