Toll Free Number Service

Toll-Free Numbers are a good marketing tool to promote inbound marketing and customer support at no cost to the customer. Vanity numbers are used by businesses to brand the business identity.

Free Management Panel

We provide a Management Panel to allow access to the recordings and calls receivced on the toll free number allowing both efficiency and increase in sales.

Number Choice

The system allows the choice of tollfree number suited to the business and whether this is automated or manual.

Agent Access

This important feature allows the sharing of the calls and logs with agents to allow delegation of tasks.

SMS/E-Mail Integration

We provide SMS & E-Mail Integration for your Toll free Number as per requirements.

Call Recording

The feature allows selective or complete recordings of all calls on the tollfree number to allow for Quality Training and evaluation.

Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers showcase the Brand and also help the customer remember the tollfree numbers easily.

Live Report & Statistics

Real-time notifications and statistics are available in this system to enable rapid monitoring especially call volumes and also the returns from each call campaign.

Call Forwarding

We allow you to forward your incoming calls on cell phone or telephone number instantly anywhere in the world.


We provide excellent support 24/7 * 365 days a year. The support is of the highest quality and technical standards.

Free Phone Customer Support

Provide customers easy access to the business for Product or service information to allow for faster sales and promotion dispersion.

Customer Engagement

Engage the customer by providing a toll-free number to help with queries about products thus providing support and opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell.

Sales Boost

Delivered exactly and targeted resulting in better open rates.

Lead Generation

Toll free numbers provide an easy route to acquire customer details on call to build a customer list to promote new products or cross-sell later on.

Increase ROI

Excite and entice customer interest through other media and then the user could reach out through the toll free number to have a personalised discussion to enable the lead to convert into a sale.

Enhance Corporate Image

Use the toll-free number as a vehicle to disperse useful information and brand the corporate so that the user opinion may be turned to the company favour and also result in goodwill.

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Toll Free Number is a phone number that a customer can dial to a business free of cost to get information on products and services or for customer support.
Toll free number is a great way to market as the call is free for the customer and it is a great way to maintain engagement and deliver the product or service details so that the customer receives the benefits while the business receives the lead or conversion.
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