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Outbound Dialer for Enhanced Customer Outreach

Reach an exponential number of people and increase sales with personalized automated Outbound Calling. Give your voice to marketing, promotion, product launch to engage your customers

Outbound Dialer can be used
effectively by Enterprises

Important Announcements

Important and urgent alerts, such as flight delays, gate change, failed booking transactions, refunds and much more can be conveyed with ease and on time.

Promote Product/Offers

Outbound dialling is the best application to support telemarketing. If you have a suitable database of your targeted customers, then you can send automated calls to promote your product or offers

Personalized Calls

OBD’s versatile nature can be utilised to send personalized calls to a large number of bases. Eg. – for payment reminders, such as loan payments, mobile bill payment due dates, etc

Boost Call Conversions & Scale Outbound With Exceptional Functionalities

Convert your leads to customers at scale with Outbound Dialing.

Rich Customer Experience

Offer unparalleled user experience with highly personalised calls that have human-like voice quality through the IVR Studio.