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AI-enabled voice bot is here for your business

Connect MOBO to voice-based assistances like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IVR systems & Build natural & rich customer experience round the clock.

MOBO - Your SuperSmart Buddy!

MOBO is an omni-channel voice bot to offer natural and rich customer experience.
Our voice bot is powered by deep neural network artificial intelligence modules that require minimal coding.
MOBO understands, identifies and answers customer concerns with the intelligence of a Smart Answer Bot. MOBO looks for answers from the knowledge repository and FAQ's to give the most relevant answer to the users. Also, MOBO proactively gives the customer more information that solves the issue better by giving them what they really need on top of what they want.

Make Voicebot As The First Point Of Contact For Your Support And Services








Training & Onboarding

AI Voicebot Features – We've Got You Covered

Impart intelligent voice conversation ability to your Apps and Products.

Self Learning AI

Our bot learns from unlabelled voice data and user queries and adds to the AI knowledge base.

Speak Freely

Voicebot has the unique ability to listen while speaking. If your customer interrupts it mid-sentence, the voicebot will pause, listen, understand and respond.

Realtime processing

The bot starts processing your speech as soon as users start speaking, and prepares responses while they speak. This way the voicebot replies instantly as your customer stops speaking.

Intent Recognition

Voicebot makes use of natural language processing (NLP) which means your customers can speak naturally instead of restricting their response to just Yes and No.

Automate response

Most of the time agents are asked repeated questions. This can be automated through Voicebots and calls can be passed to real agents only in case of complex queries.

Multiple messaging channels

Voice bots help you to reach your customers through all the popular voice applications such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

What MOBO Can Do For Your Business?

Integrating Voicebot to your existing apps and website takes only a few hours and then they continue conversations with your leads and customers in an automated way, forever.

Handle Inbound Calls

Voice bots can handle calls, collect caller information and pre-qualify them.

Automate Customer Surveys

Collect feedback, measure satisfaction, or conduct market research.

Schedule Appointments

Voice bots can schedule appointments with clients directly over the call.

Support Ticket Follow-up

Voicebot can follow-up with unresponsive support tickets and update ticket statuses.

Navigate IVR Systems

VoiceBots can collect the right information, and connect the caller to the right person to help.

Manage Event Participation

Invite prospects to a conference, confirm event attendance and communicate logistics.

Automate Renewals/Reorders

Remind customers to renew their subscriptions, reorder supplies, and more.

Outsource Data Collection

Use VoiceBots to collect and validate data from IVR and clean up customer records on your CRM.

Why mobtexting For Your Communication Needs?

Reliable, Global, Secure & Scalable


Years of Operation

Founded in 2012. Our team have been running well about 10 years and keep going.


Round the Clock Support

24x7 customer support via phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, Chat.​


Global Scale

Communicate, connect & engage customers across 195+ countries with unified APIs without any hassle.​

Built for every Business

Big or small, we cater to all. Global & scalable cloud-based platform built for growing business & engineered for reliability & 99.9% uptime.​

Comprehensive Platform

Manage all the communication channels without switching Apps. User-friendly cloud-based web interface & developer-friendly programmable APIs for your business.​

Best In Class Connectivity

Direct operators & APIs connectivity for hassle-free service to businesses to connect their customers faster in a secure way.

Highly Secure

Enterprise-grade security - ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system to our customers.​

Trusted by 1000+ Businesses Across 4 Continents

Most innovative businesses build communication solutions using mobtexting’s platform & APIs. Get started today & engage your customers over their preferred channels across the world.

Let’s Build Impressive Conversations With
AI-Enabled Voicebots!

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