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Get A Toll-Free Number For Your Business Now

The toll-Free number starts with 1800. Give your business the credibility it deserves, improves your brand value & gives a no-cost way for your customers to interact with you.

Getting Started With Toll-Free Number

Setup instantly with IVR/CRM integration, round-the-clock support and dedicated Mobile/Landline/Virtual numbersreal-time reports.

Choose a number

Select a number of your choice or choose a random number and a plan that meets your business needs.

Configure Your Settings

Configure settings from the dashboard. You can also use the dashboard to view your messages and access your call history.

Start receiving calls

Once you have completed the settings, you are ready to receive the calls. Dial the number to try out.

Use Toll-Free Solutions and Grow your business

Boost Marketing ROI

Persuade people to reach you for any queries or information without any cost through your marketing campaigns and boosts marketing ROI.

Offer Free Support

Enhance customer satisfaction with your brands by allowing them to connect with you easily at no cost.

Increase Sales

By allowing customers to reach you whenever they want will increase your sales. So, providing satisfactory customer support free of cost will leverage your business.

Generate Enquiries

Toll-free number encourages people to give a call to enquire about your service or product. So, you can add a toll-free number on your website, online ads, billboards, videos, newspaper ads, etc. to generate leads and to add more enquiries

Benefits of Toll-free number

Lead Generation

Get indispensable and consistent communication with your customers and generate more leads

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customers can call you 24*7 at no cost that automatically contributes to your brand image

Easy To Remember

As the number is easy to remember for everyone, it acts as a powerful marketing tool


Toll-free numbers offer your brand credibility and improve your brand image

Engage customers with Toll-free voice features

Toll-free Based Multi-level IVR

Welcome your callers professionally & configure multiple department agents, giving a seamless IVR experience without wasting your caller’s time.

Advanced Call Routing

Enhance the customer experience by routing calls automatically to the agents who can speak in a language they are comfortable with.

Call Forwarding

Forward your customer call to the right agent or office etc. who can serve them correctly

Multi-Agent Access

Allow your agents or users to log in to our dashboard and access their call logs to track their performance and do follow-ups.

Multiple Extensions

With IVRS multiple extensions features, allow your callers or customers to connect right person directly via a single number without any reception.

API Integration

Get IVRS API integrated with your CRM to track live IVR reports in your system.

Trusted by 1000+ Businesses Across 4 Continents

Most innovative businesses build communication solutions using mobtexting’s platform & APIs. Get started today & engage your customers over their preferred channels across the world.

Let Your Customers Connect With You At Zero Cost Via Toll-Free Number!

Sign up and start making or receiving calls in no time.