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Setup WhatsApp Business API with mobtexting

Unlock the potential to use WhatsApp as a communication channel for business now. Now is the chance for your brand to increase the adoption of your WhatsApp commerce and customer care solution.

WhatsApp Business API is a tailored solution for Enterprise Business Use:

Resolve Issues Faster

Promptly respond to customer queries by automating common types of responses. Respond to inquiries about refunds, returns, product availability, and more through chat.

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Send Alerts

Keep customers informed about their products or subscription status, payment or refund alerts without forcing them to open emails or call the help desk.


Order Updates

Send customers shipping and delivery information and confirm purchases—all information automatically sent to them on WhatsApp.


User Verification

With intelligent Verification API, prevent fraudulent activities using phone numbers for fraud detection and verification.


Engage with Billions of people on WhatsApp, the World's Favourite Messaging App


Reach 2 billion global WhatsApp users and build a brand presence where your customers already are


Drive customer engagement with Rich, Interactive and Conversational brand experiences on WhatsApp


Securely enable private conversations with WhatsApp end-to-end encryption

Represent your brand with mobtexting’s WhatsApp Business API solution

WhatsApp offers a variety of features to keep up with the branding: