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Launch Multilingual SMS Marketing campaign using MOBtexting Dashboard

Multilingual SMS marketing campaigns have become one of the most powerful and useful tools for business owners around the world. It can be used for promotional purposes and confidential transactions. And thanks to improvements in SMS gateway technology, your messages can now be delivered in multiple languages.

Language is an expression through which people can exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings; oral, symbolic, and written. However, the expression or approach of people and things reflects the nuances followed in the region in which they live. Regions such as Asia, Africa, and Europe, etc, are dominated by multilingual countries with diverse cultures and perspectives. This diversity requires brands or companies to design intelligent communication strategies to market their products and services to the destination public.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to choose the right language to properly understand and interpret a message. For example, English, its is a universal business language, is widely used by companies in their global marketing campaigns. However, you should understand that some countries are multilingual. It is advisable to choose a local language to convey a message, to ensure that it is well understood. You can’t expect a response to English messages from customers located somewhere deep in the above locations. Since English is not your native language, the message will not attract your attention.

Unicode is a panacea for breaking the language barrier thanks to multilingual messaging. Unicode allows you to write text messages in any language currently in use. Route Mobile uses Unicode to encode any character outside the GSM alphabet or GSM character set (Latin characters, special characters, and numbers). It is done using the Unicode standard.

Additionally, APIs support advanced message transfer using Unicode encoding. These messages are sent as multiple concatenated SMS messages. Most Smartphone’s support the Unicode character set, while the set can be downloaded for those who don’t. The functionality of a multilingual SMS marketing campaign helps organizations tailor their communications according to the preferred language of the target audience. In addition to giving a personal touch, communicating language preferences brings customers closer to the brand. Let’s take a look at other key benefits of Multilingual SMS marketing campaigns:

Benefits of Multilingual SMS marketing campaigns using MOBtexting dashboard:

Improve the interaction – Customers can reply to your messages. This is useful during surveys and other feedback-based communications.

Personalization – Multilingual SMS can contribute to a high degree of personalization with the choice of the preferred language.

Effective Communication – The company can communicate effectively without losing sight of the central intent of the message.

Brand connection – Communicating in the customer’s language helps them connect and develop intrinsic trust in the brand.

Expand your customer base – Increase the reach of your product as customers are more likely to read your messages that don’t require a dictionary to translate. Consider a growing company in South India looking to expand its customer base. The mere use of English and Malayalam will not help to achieve this goal as these two languages are specifically aimed at the Kerala audience. To reach other regions, you must also communicate in a local language. If your message contains call-to-action content and a responsive shortcode, it can also generate questions about your products and services.

Therefore, adding a Multilingual SMS marketing campaign will not only increase your customer engagement but also help increase your customer base. It also contributes to brand recall, helping your audience connect with your product and services efficiently.

How to create a multilingual SMS marketing campaign using MOBtexting dashboard:


The process of launching a multilingual campaign is standard. Choose a multilingual message, go to Campaigns, choose a segment, and schedule or send a message. The system automatically sends the necessary content to the appropriate contact person. You don’t need to create language-based segments.

In thе global list, multilingual posts аrе marked wіth thе globe icon. Thе numbеr nеxt tо іt indicates thе numbеr оf messages іn dіffеrеnt languages.

Mouse оvеr thе icon tо ѕее thе list оf added languages. Yоu саn proceed directly tо editing thе required template bу clicking оn thе corresponding language frоm thе drop-down menu.

Tо create a multilingual message, click thе globe icon аnd specify thе default language. It іѕ uѕеd tо send campaigns tо contacts wіth unspecified preferred language. Thеn add a language frоm thе drop-down menu. Yоu саn add unlimited languages ​​and create аѕ mаnу campaigns аѕ nееdеd. Thе numbеr оf languages ​​is оnlу limited bу уоur rate plan. Thе languages ​​in thе menu аrе shown іn thе original spelling; hover оvеr thе language tо ѕее thе language spelling оf thе interface.  Thе content аnd structure оf thе campaign саn bе identical оr completely dіffеrеnt. Changes tо оnе message wіll nоt affect оthеr instances.

Imроrtаnt! Whеn уоu add a language, thе system automatically creates a copy оf thе message bеіng edited. Thіѕ means thаt іf уоu edit thе Polish message, thе system wіll duplicate thаt specific message аnd nоt a copy оf thе message іn thе default language. Thіѕ simplifies wоrkіng wіth languages ​​that belong tо thе ѕаmе language grоuр. Fоr example іt makes sense tо copy thе Portuguese message tо thе Spanish campaign оr copy thе Danish message tо thе Norwegian campaign. Sіnсе thеѕе languages ​​belong tо a family, thеу hаvе a similar structure аnd style, meaning уоur campaigns wіll require a bit оf editing іn design.

Uѕе thе drop-down list tо switch bеtwееn languages. Yоu саn replace оr exclude аnу language frоm thе added оnе.

Onсе Multilanguage іѕ activated fоr уоur account, уоu саn save uр tо 12% оf уоur time preparing аnd launching уоur campaign.

SMS has proven to be an extremely effective and efficient marketing tool. In addition to sending promotional and transactional messages, a Multilingual SMS marketing campaign has the innate ability to send messages in multiple languages, which in turn increases the value of SMS technology.  Not only does this feature make it more feasible, but it also makes it accessible to most brands who want to take advantage of and design targeted SMS campaigns in local languages to increase user engagement.

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