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MOBtexting’s Independence day Offer | Click here to know more

August 15, a patriotic day when everyone feels proud to be Indian. This year India will celebrate its 75th Independence Day on August 15 for remembering the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters, citizens, and political leaders to free our country. 

We wish everyone, Happy Independence Day.

To help a few of the growing businesses On this account of 75th Indian Independence day, MOBtexting would like to offer WhatsApp Business Account and Business Number for 75 days if you buy a 1-year subscription. 


So we would like to welcome you to use and avail the benefits of this limited period offer. Here is brief information on how these services can be useful to your business.  


What value do these services can add to your business?

The success of Today’s Smart Businesses largely depends on their ability to offer consistent and hassle-free communication. The Business Number allows your Customer To Connect with you for FREE. MOBtexting’s cloud-based call application is used for multiple objectives like enhance business credibility, and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Business Phone Number:

Business Credibility: A business phone number is not just for big corporations but for companies of all sizes, especially for those starting a business. A startup requires all the help it can get and having a business phone number is a great genuine hack for them to look credible.

Customer Satisfaction: A virtual phone number allows you to be available for your customers which leads to better customer service and satisfaction. When customers find out they can get their questions answered by simply calling a number, they are more prone to persist to your business.

Portability: With a virtual phone number, location doesn’t matter. It is easy to relocate if you have a virtual phone system. Your customers won’t even know! You can still be reached by your business phone number regardless of your location.

Scalability: Establishing a virtual phone number as your primary business phone number is a genius move as it ensures you can scale. As your business grows, you may expand, move, and need to switch service phone providers. If you are using a virtual phone system, you can easily port or route it to meet the needs of your business.


Benefits of WhatsApp Business Account: 


It would be surprising to find anyone today who hasn’t heard of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app With more than 2 billion monthly users worldwide.

Information Hub: WhatsApp Business API assistant is capable of providing information about all of the services comprehensively and conveniently.

Customer Acquisition: With WhatsApp Business Account, you stand a great opportunity to capture prospects details online the best way. It enables you to bring them to the messenger platform directly from the web/mobile browser in real-time. This also acts as a powerful CTA to bring your customers actively on your platform and interact via automated messages.

Multilingual Service: Companies who are providing their services to many different countries always look for a local touch to better connect with the people of that region. And, what is the best way than speaking the language of the customer based on their respective region, which forms better personalization between company and customers?

Scalable customer support channel: One of the most popular uses of WhatsApp API is none other than for customer service. The automation features these WhatsApp Accounts offer means businesses can set them up such that their customers are attended to 24/7 – even during non-office hours.

Transaction updates: Having all the necessary information like Payment notifications, billing invoices, and other product-related details will be sent to the user’s WhatsApp number that makes it easier for them to get all the details regarding their product at any time under a single platform.


Terms and Conditions of the offer:


1. One business can only avail either of the offers whether it’s a Business number or WhatsApp Business API. 
2. The free platform for 75 days is only applicable if you buy a one-year subscription while onboarding. 
3. The offer is valid till 31st August – 2021
4. Offer is applicable for new users. 

Contact or call +91 9019 120 120. 


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