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All you need to know A2P 10DLC | MOBtexting Support

Businesses that have used traditional long code numbers to send large volumes of text messages in the U.S. must comply with a new SMS messaging standard: 10-Digit Long Code (10DLC). But why? 10DLC provides higher-quality support for mass text messaging with lower overhead costs. The good news is Compliance and adoption can be easy with the right messaging provider like MOBtexting.

Read this article to find out what exactly 10DLC is, why it’s important, and how your business can step up to this new generation of application-to-person (A2P) communications.


What is 10DLC and When Do Businesses Need to Use It?


All major wireless carriers in the U.S. have adopted the new 10DLC numbers standard for A2P long code messaging. As the approved solution for A2P messaging, the 10DLC standard is designed to deliver a better customer experience with business benefits such as brand accountability and more reliable SMS delivery.

With the initiation of 10DLC, U.S. carriers are enforcing new guidelines and requirements. Messaging programs on U.S. long and shortcodes can no longer be shared across more than one brand. Businesses that had been sharing codes will need to choose a new number option to power their messaging programs.

Also, businesses that send traffic from a +1 Country Code 10DLC into U.S. networks will need to register their brands and campaigns in order to get approval for sending messages. In most cases, resellers of SMS services will need to register their customers’ brands and campaigns for them.

If your business sends customers concise but vital messages such as appointment reminders, service updates, or alerts, 10DLC is a good method for delivery. 10DLC is also effective for engaging consumers with local marketing.


How does A2P 10DLC work?

There are two important requirements under the new A2P 10DLC system:

1. Businesses must identify who they are to the carrier networks (Brand registration).
2. Businesses must register what type of messages they are sending, i.e. notifications (Campaign registration).


If I need to register what’s the deadline?


As of August 2, 2021, there is a deadline for completing registration before October 1, 2021. This requirement applies to all businesses sending more than 3,000 messages per day to the US, or who use more than 5 long code numbers for messaging to the US (regardless of message volume).


10 Reasons to Step Up to 10DLC


* Customize your 10DLC setup: Structure your brands, campaigns, and numbers the way you want to when messaging your US audience.


* Multiple-use cases: Use 10DLC to send your important alerts, marketing messages, 2FA notifications and more when messaging US phone numbers.


* Be more personal by texting with your business or local number: Texting with a local 10DLC number fosters trust and allows businesses to streamline their communications.


* Can existing ten-digit phone numbers: Businesses can send more messages by registering their existing phone number, and won’t have to pay for an additional number to get 10DLC capabilities.


* Higher message throughput: A2P sanctioned 10DLCs can send up to 30 messages per second. *Higher throughput can be requested for select use cases.


* Better deliverability: Because 10DLC numbers are registered directly with the carriers, A2P messages sent on these numbers are more likely going to reach the recipient.


* 10DLC numbers can be enabled for both SMS and voice: Don’t miss out on communications with your audience. Now your customers can easily text or call you on the same line.


* Quick setup: Starting your 10DLC program is quick! Register your brands and campaigns on our easy-to-use dashboard.


* Don’t risk being classified as spam: With 10DLC, each brand and campaign is assigned to a dedicated number, ensuring the carrier and network-level accountability.


* Higher SMS message volumes: 10DLC numbers are sanctioned for A2P messaging and are capable of supporting higher message volumes.


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