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Enhancing Customer Experience With Cloud Telephony in a Remote Work Set Up

Cloud telephony is an amazing service that is allowing businesses to bring their office experience into the home. What this means is that the same communication tools that employees use at their normal workplace can now be taken anywhere and can be accessed from virtually any device. This is a small introduction to the MOBtexting B2B omnichannel communication platform. 


In this article Ajay Gupta, the founder of MOBtexting will discuss how cloud telephony is contributing to the growth of remote work and helping them in sales and marketing. A report published by Gartner, predicts that cloud-based telephony and messaging services will witness an 8.9% increase in spending globally. This is mostly due to the remote work environment.


According to Ajay Gupta, the MOBtexting clients were able to ensure their customer service quality and employee productivity remains robust during the lockdown through effective use of cloud telephony. He attributes this to the evolving and growing role of AI and analytics in cloud telephony. According to him, AI has created new possibilities for personalized customer engagement and better-optimized profitability for businesses of all sizes


Traditional phones are great, says Ajay Gupta, but cloud telephony provides flexibility to bring the office experience home using any device. With MOBtexting cloud telephony, working remotely is both – smooth and seamless.


The current situation has forced companies to try cloud telephony for their day to day business operations. But this inadvertently has offered an opportunity for companies to experience the potential and flexibility that remote working provides. The remarkable learning is that companies no more have to be in the office to provide high-quality service. Traditionally, offices have been perceived to be the place where work happens. But in reality, an office has four walls and a ceiling, just like your home. Therefore if your customer service team is performing at work, they are going to perform equally well while working from home as well. 


MOBtexting provides AI-enabled Voice Telephony Service. AI plays a crucial role in cloud telephony and is more powerful than people realize. AI can completely transform customer service by providing companies with unprecedented access to analytics for better decisions. AI can automatically analyze phone calls and decipher the customer’s level of happiness.  It can also play a crucial role to streamline the call centre process by automatically directing inquiries to the right agent.


Artificial Intelligence also paves way for allowing enterprises to keep track of customer preferences, details from previous calls and access records of prior purchases to provide a highly personalized experience, every time a customer calls them.


Ajay Gupta suggests that in order for your team to maintain a high level of productivity regardless of the work environment or location, it is imperative to transition to cloud telephony. In fact, the sooner they do the better it is for the business. Right, right collaboration tools and business apps are also important for business growth, client retention and upselling opportunities. A combination of Cloud Telephony and other productivity tools can help your employee deliver outstanding customer service and maintain operation at the level customers expect.


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