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Expand Your Reach to New Customer Base With SMS Marketing

SMS marketing offers a stack of benefits, so much much that it is often touted as the gem in the advertising world. Whether you are a small company or a big brand, SMS marketing is easily accessible for all. Using the MOBtexting dashboard, you can easily target a large audience in a single campaign causing a huge positive impact on your brand and marketing activities.


The benefits of SMS marketing makes it a great choice among every kind of business looking to expand their customer reach. Here are some of the benefits:


1. Enviable Open Rates:


According to findings, 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipient. That’s amazing, but even more interesting is the fact that it happens on average within five seconds of the recipient receiving the SMS. Emails have just 20% on average open rates and that is considered better. This example shows that SMS is far better than all others. So if you want to make sure that your message is seen by the highest percentage of people in your marketing database – choose SMS every time.


2. Amazing Speed and Flexibility:


Flexibility and adaptability are key for any business to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. SMS is a great way to reach customers with almost zero lead time through bulk SMS marketing. MOBtexting dashboard makes it easy for anyone to set up campaigns for their target audience in a matter of minutes. Businesses can do this to drive footfall on a slow day or clear their old stock ahead of new deliveries. Bulk SMS service allows businesses to immediately respond to the events of the day or give tough competition to competitors’ promotions instantaneously.


3. Low investment and High ROI:


Whether it’s newspaper ads or TV commercials, it’s going to cost a huge marketing budget. Even outdoor advertising is cost-prohibitive for most small to medium-sized businesses. Contrary to this, SMS marketing involves low investment and delivers huge ROI.


4. Highly Targeted:


Advertisers spend on newspaper ads or TV commercials in the hope that they would land on their target audience. But this is not the case with SMS marketing. You can be very selective to people you will send out bulk SMS to. You can choose to send SMS based on people’s age, qualification, gender or pertaining to a specific industry or business.


5. Personalisation:


MOBtexting bulk SMS platform gives you the option to send out highly personalized SMS messages. The messages can be personalised to include the recipient name and delivered to their phones within seconds. You can also design personalized SMS campaigns based on the customer’s previous buying behaviour and demographics. You can send SMS in the local language and messages can be tailored based on different stores and different regions of the country.


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