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Run a Profitable Contact Center With Outbound Dialer

To run a profitable Contact Center, you have to increase the productivity per Agent. But unfortunately, when you monitor the time spent by agents talking to prospective customers, you will realise that much of their time is spent on calls that are not picked up. Wouldn’t you want them to spend most of their time talking to the customer? This is where Outbound Dialer comes in handy. It eliminates the requirement for agents to dial the number. Outbound Dialer dials the number in the database. When a customer answers the call, it connects them to the agents. This leads to more sales and more problems solved for the customers. 


MOBtexting Outbound Dialer comes with a dashboard that allows call centres to easily automate manual processes. Outbound Dialer can place calls based on the database provided, find user data, and even present the relevant information to the agent as soon as a call connects. MOBtexting Outbound Dialer is versatile in terms of functionality. Call managers can choose from our selection of feature-rich outbound auto dialer systems. 


Outbound Dialer handles all the dialling and this enables the agents to focus on customer service and sales. On the other hand, MOBtexting systems prioritize the tasks involved with selecting the leads, matching them to appropriate agents and displaying customer information so that agents can answer the call intelligently. 


Outbound dialer from MOBtexting saves both time and cost for the company by screening busy signals, voicemails, fax machines, no-answers, and more. Only valid calls reach the agents so that each minute is spent talking to the customers. It also reduces agent frustration and allows them to focus on helping customers and closing sales. MOBtexting also provides other more advanced options such as the system can automatically sort and prioritize customers more likely to say “yes”. This decision is based on customer data and your agents’ success rates. This leads to better performance, a higher success rate and more sales closures. 


MOBtexting Outbound Dialer is easy to integrate and scale without the need for expenses on new equipment. Many businesses think that Outbound Dialer involves big investments in new phones and costly equipment. But in reality, since the Outbound Dialer is hosted in the cloud, no investment in tools are involved when your business scales. MOBtexting outbound dialling software is designed to work with no additional equipment allowing your business operations to scale automatically. 


With the help of the MOBtexting Outbound Dialer dashboard, you can easily add or remove agents as you need. You only have to pair the MOBtexting platform for agents who are there making calls. The MOBtexting system is simple to understand and use. Anyone can easily upload outbound lead lists, allow agents to log on and immediately get started. The intuitive dashboard provides all available and relevant customer data in one place for the agents to use. 


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