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How Important is Virtual Call Center in 2021?

Whenever a customer calls your business at any time of the day, it’s important that his queries need to be answered. The channelized customer support is the driving force of any business. So by keeping your communication open to customers and improving customer satisfaction. 


With the help of Virtual Call Centre, it’s easy for most companies to set up a call centre within a short span. So first let us know more about Virtual Call Centers.


What is a Virtual Call Centre?


A virtual call centre is a type of contact centre solution where organizations operate all communication activities remotely. In this model, the calling software, backend communication, and other tools are virtually delivered. 


As most of the companies work from home, the call centre industry is experiencing more changes. Businesses are moving everything into the cloud from customer data to call centre software, the necessity of virtual call centres is increased to handle all the business communication activities virtually. 


Unlike typical call centres where agents are fastened with desks, a virtual call centre allows agents to answer the calls from anywhere and any time. And it reduces the capital cost for organizations by routing the calls to their employee’s phone numbers. Employees can also make calls without displaying their numbers at the customer end. 


These voice communication services are delivered through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. 


How Does Virtual Call Center Works? 


All virtual call centers are set up to handle inbound and outbound calls. 

Inbound calls take care of answering incoming phone calls from callers who will enquire about a product, want support setting up or using the product, or need some other form of assistance. 


Outbound calls are primarily made for cold calling the prospects and telemarketing. Sometimes, the calls could also be to verify information provided by an individual. For example, a bank calls a loan applicant. 


Virtual call centres are essentially having a call centre that can be accessed remotely. This platform can be both hosted on cloud or business premises depending on business requirements. Once a virtual call center platform is deployed, the remote agents can log into the system from their respective locations and are all set to handle customer calls similar to an office environment.


Benefits of Virtual Call Center: 


1. Flexible for remote work culture:


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are experiencing perceptible changes in the work environment.  Most of the companies permanently moved to work from home environments. For any customer-centric business,  communication is the key to business sustainability.  Virtual Call Center enables the option to manage all business calls while working from home. This software is more flexible for remote employees, as it can operate anywhere and at any time.


2. Agents can attend calls on mobile or laptop:


The foremost motive of VCC is to make the flow easy for the agents and improve the customer experience by resolving their queries in less time. The calls can be easily routed to the agent’s phone which he can attend to seamlessly.


3. Easy Supervision:


When dealing with virtual agents, it is requisite for supervisors to be able to check the availability status of agents. Supervisors can know the real-time call waiting for status as well as the number of conversations that are on hold.


4. Cost-Effective solution:


Although call centre outsourcing has always offered low-cost benefits, virtual call centres are even more cost-effective for businesses, especially startups. The virtual call centres can offer the same low-cost benefits of outsourcing but with even fewer expenses. As employees are able to work from their own homes, meaning that travel expenses and the cost of office infrastructure are massively reduced.


5. Time and Efforts are saved:


Contact centres being highly flexible, you can set up VCC within the least expected time and make it live. When it comes to modification, everything is instant and effortless. With our ready to serve API, you can integrate our solutions to existing CRM software. It eliminates the hassle of data transfer. 


6. Self-servicing to some extent:


Customers will always be looking for a quick resolution to their queries. So you can set up a flow with our customizable pre-recording option for most probable queries and increase your first call resolution index.


What do you get from MOBtexting’s Virtual Contact Center software?


  • Condition call forwarding: Forward your customer call to the right agent or office etc. who can serve them correctly
  • Multi-level IVR: Welcome your callers professionally & configure multiple department agents, giving a seamless IVR experience without wasting your caller’s time.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Run your Voice/SMS Campaigns and track all the messages with a detailed overview report in just one click.
  • Real-time notifications: With our software, get notified instantly if you missed a call
  • User-friendly Interface: Explore a user-friendly web interface that can be accessed from anywhere by any non-technical person with ease

Business communication is crucial, yet the delicate process that warrants utmost care and supervision to ensure business objectives are met. MOBtexting Cloud telephony service makes it easier for businesses to establish communications, internally or externally, efficiently.


Are you thinking of upgrading from a Traditional Call centre to Virtual Call Centre?


Contact MOBtexting or give a call +91 9019 120 120


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