MOBtexting: Adding practicality to your SMS campaigns with Smart Link

Smart Link is here to enrich your SMS campaigns

Smart Link enables businesses to trim and register their own short URL addresses to make them easier for sharing on messaging platform that might limit the number of characters such as short message services (SMS). It’s an easy way to engage and send rich content to your customers and that URL can direct customers to your mobile website, a survey webpage, a mob app, mobile video and image, etc. Also, increases awareness of your brand offering and drives additional traffic towards your SMS campaigns.

Figure 1: Glimpse of Smart Link analytics on the SMS dashboard

Apart from Trimming/shortening, Smart Link makes you know about your audience in deep through the campaign performance insights.

Click rates: Unified view of the number of clicks on the embedded URLs in SMS campaigns.

Detailed insights: About the device and browsers through which the URL was clicked/opened. Also, the mobile numbers of the clicked ones.

Fancy Analytics: The timely based graphical analytics of browser wise, device and platform wise makes one to understand and learn more about your customer.

Smart Link is a boon to optimize the click through rates and gives a better user-experience.


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