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MOBtexting is Helping SMBs Scale Their Revenue

Bangalore based Cloud Telephony company, MOBtexting is facilitating SMBs and startups to find toeholds in their business without spending a fortune. Having a reliable communication system such as private PBX was a distant dream for most businesses traditionally. Not anymore. With MOBtexting cloud telephony, businesses can now enjoy the same benefits but without the cost of owning a PBX phone. This has greatly eliminated the entry barrier for most SMBs and startups. 


But that does not mean that MOBtexting is any lesser than its foreign counterpart. In fact, MOBtexting was just a few months back was awarded as the fastest growing communications technology company in India for its innovations. That’s an incredible achievement in itself. The best part of the MOBtexting cloud telephony suite is its simplicity. 


MOBtexting has done all the hard work, which means businesses don’t have to make any heavy capital investments in technology or infrastructure. Their cloud infrastructure takes care of everything. MOBtexting cloud telephony platform aims to help SME achieve maximum efficiency in less cost and hassle.


MOBtexting IVR service which is based in the cloud is very helpful as it allows businesses to create multiple departments within a company each having different extensions. This is wonderful as it gives the impression of a large organization with several departments. 


Companies and development teams have direct access to the data through MOBtexting API. The API is supported through documents and sample code libraries. Using them the developers can fetch and get data from MOBtexting servers anytime.


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