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Voicebots are The Future Business Marketing

The technological advancements today have taken up a high speed. It affects our lives and has given us a totally different shape. Based on that the customer today has also become very demanding and wants quick and personalized service. To provide the best customer service, companies today are adopting this so that they can be at the top.


If we consider the use of voice bots, 47% of the people already use voice search devices at least once a day. As voice recognition technology continues to improve in accuracy, and services continue to be added, more consumers will shift to voice engagement.


Voice-activated chatbots are the ones who can interact and communicate through voice. They are capable of accepting the command in an oral or written form and reply through voice. This can be further categorized into two types – one which response via text and voice together and the other which response via voice only. Popular examples of voice-enabled chatbots are the Amazon Echo and Google Home.


A voice-based chatbot uses pre-recorded and text to speech responses to address the queries of the users. Projects like Siri, Cortana and Alexa demonstrate part of the vanguard of voice bot technologies.


Today the consumers have been using voice assistants in almost all their daily activities like from playing music to shopping for everything. Using voice-enabled apps have become more convenient, accessible and simpler for consumers. For those who cannot read or have trouble navigating to the great number of navigation menu options of the app or website, the ability to speak and find the solution has made lives simpler.


Voice technology has also impacted the lives of the people who live in isolation and has now become a part of their lives. With its extraordinary properties, it has the ability to reach the masses. Because of the distinct advantages of voice over chatbots, the voice interface helps in empowering a more intuitive and engaging experience. It also takes lesser time and effort compared to text.


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