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Let Customers Click2Call Your Business

A click2call is a service that allows you to click a button in order to make a call. About 80% of people access the internet on their mobile devices. When it comes to an inquiry, customers prefer phone contact over any other alternative such as email, or text chat. Click2call enables a consumer to browse the website of a particular business and then if they want more information, they click on a link that automatically “calls” the business number, connecting the consumer with a live staff. This offers a faster way to connect and generate leads than email. It is also easier than a traditional phone call and provides higher conversion rates than any other medium.


Here I have listed some benefits of implementing click to call button on your website:


1. Customers don’t have to remember the phone number:


Memorizing numbers can be a tough job for most of us. Why you should then burden your customers to remember your business number. It’s easy to depend on the phone or computer to keep track of important contacts. Click2Call service by MOBtexting makes the task even more simple. Customers don’t have to dial or remember any number. With a single click from their mobile, they can connect with your staff or call centre agents.


2. Keep track of all the calls automatically:


Click2call keeps track of every incoming call in the best possible manner. You can access the record later and use it for marketing purposes as the data contains potential prospects. This is very different from a toll-free phone number. Click2call service from MOBtexting allows companies to monitor every aspect of online visitors and know their location and study the potential of a particular geographic location. All the details are recorded in the dashboard provided by MOBtexting.


3. Convert website visitors into telephone communications:


Clients may have questions or want other details that they cannot find readily available. Click2call allows clients to easily place a call and know more details about the service they are interested in. This increases brand credibility as they can actually connect with someone who represents the company rather than talking to a robotic voice. MOBtexting Click2call application enables agents and the consumer browses through the website together. This creates a higher chance of a conversion. 


4. Find detailed reports for analytics:


With the Click2call button, you can track conversion easily. On the MOBtexting dashboard, you can find details such as length of time on the website, login status and size of the basket. This kind of granular insight helps the sales team better evaluate the prospect. Based on the customer interest level and interaction on the website, call routing is done. Click2call technology is powerful to drive sales. That’s because most callers are hot prospects for your business and it is relatively easy to turn a hot prospect into a client.


5. Connect with international customers:


Click2call services allow visitors from all over the world to call your business for free. By having click2call from MOBtexting instead of a toll-free number, you can save some small business money. With a click2call button, customers don’t have to dial the ISD codes for international calling. 


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