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2FA OTP SMS to Prevent Security breaches and online frauds

Security breaches and online frauds have increasingly become common. Therefore it has become essential for companies to ensure there is reliable protection in place to faceguard customers accounts during online transactions.


Businesses, especially financial institutions and others, dealing with confidential and sensitive customer data have started implementing 2FA OTP SMS. Companies have realised that traditional authorizations measures based on entering credentials were just not enough. Two-factor authentication offers a better and highly secured way to transact. 2FA OTP SMS helps businesses secure user sensitive data and deter any attempt for account hacking.


Call it 2FA OTP SMS or two-factor authentication, it is a technology that secures transactions by providing an additional layer of security. 2FA along with a typical authentication process such as the need for entering a username and password, you have to furnish multiple secret data in order to gain access to the user account. This additional data may include one of the following factors:


2FA OTP SMS works on the below 2 principal:


1. Something you have such as a smartphone

2. Something you know


SMS OTP that you receive while buying something on Amazon is one of the best examples of 2FA. Your bank sends you a one-time password on your mobile device when you try to sign in to your online banking account. This SMS OTP is the second factor you have to furnish in order to gain access to your account.


2FA OTP SMS is similar to two-step verification (2SV) but is very different. While 2SV may depend on the same type of factors during the authentication process, for example, a user may have to provide credentials and a secret question where both factors refer to something you have. But 2-factor authentication (2FA) uses two different factors. This is something you know and something you have. For 2FA OTP SMS authentication, both of them are required.



In this article, we will look at the general advantages of 2FA SMS authentication.


Stronger Protection:


Two-factor authentication is a great way to thwart cybersecurity and minimize the risk of sensitive data theft by restricting unauthorized access to your personal account. When SMS OTP-based 2FA is enabled, even if hackers know your email and password, they will not be able to gain access to your account unless they also gain access to your smartphone.

Cybercriminals use advanced techniques to orchestrate different types of attacks in order to crack your passwords such as keylogger, brute force, and dictionary-based attacks. Even if you do everything to protect your password from hackers, still you can never be 100% sure your data will remain safe. Therefore you should always enable two-factor authentication to create another hurdle for cybercriminals. 2FA will make their hacking attacks worthless even if they manage to find your password.


Low cost:


2FA does not involve huge costs since all that a company needs to spend is on SMS credits. For the customers, the service is free. Many popular online services offer this feature for free. For example Facebook, Google and more. Users get the benefit of two-factor authentication at no cost.


Easy to implement:


Implementing 2FA is extremely easy from the MOBtexting dashboard. MOBtexting provides a huge repository of codes in most programming languages. This makes it a breeze to implement 2FA in your applications, website, blogs and apps.


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