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5 Tips for Online Sales With Cloud Telephony

COVID-19 has created opportunities amid all the business challenges. A true businessman sees opportunity in all the challenges. For example, the sales teams are accustomed to face-to-face selling and offline networking. But in the present scenario, they have to create a whole new sales process that is online driven.


Here are 5 Tips for Online Sales With Cloud Telephony:


1. Realistic goal setting:


Not everything in a business can be under complete control. The present scenario is the best example of this. But no one really knows how long the new way of working will last. But a business can not wait for the covid effect to get over. Businesses have to embrace a new working style to ensure they remain the business. Regardless of whether you are a small business or a large business, you should opt for cloud telephony to start serving the customers uninterrupted without depending on the company landline. Help your team set realistic goals for the week. For example, your team will need to figure out how many calls they want to schedule, and how many follow-ups they can handle. To encourage your employees, you can put in place a reward system that aligns with business objectives and is also encouraging for employees to work from home. The goals should be achievable and help the company hit a milestone.


2. Start with existing customers:


Cloud telephony helps employees take business calls from home or office. The best place to start with sales is by reaching out to the existing customers first. Studies show that the average repeat customer spends 67% more compared to their first sale. In another study, it was observed that 61% of SMEs report that more than half of their profits come from repeat customers. So obviously, keeping existing customers happy is more profitable than spending on finding new customers. You already have a relationship with existing customers, they are familiar with your product and service. Therefore they are more likely to buy from you or try new service from you.


3. Benefit from restricted movement:


If all your employees are working from home, so are your prospective customers. If for any reason you were not able to get time from some customers in the past, you can use the time now to schedule a meeting with them using cloud telephony since you both have oodles of time now. This is the best time to chase any leads that have gone cold.


4. Occasionally have a video chat:


Video chat may be a hassle or even inconvenient most of the time. But then email and phone are tough when it comes to building a relationship. But building relationships is easier when you can see them. Video chat and webinars are so much better for selling, for this reason. It offers an easier way to handle responses and objections and identify the scope to move ahead and close the deal.


5. Customer service is even more important:


Most customers that you have, may have begun business with a competitor. But following a poor customer experience, they have moved on to you. Sometimes small gestures make a big difference such as alike on a LinkedIn article, a thank you after a sale or remembering a birthday. These small steps add up and help you retain your customer.


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