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Cloud Telephony Brings Business Transformation While Delivering Cost Benefits

Scores of businesses are moving to cloud technologies in a bid to garner various cost advantages. But cost saving is not the only benefit.  Cloud telephony means there is no CAPEX upfront because the cloud service provider pays for the hardware, software, rent, electricity, salaries etc. Cloud Telephony users are not burdened with these overhead costs. However, the real benefit of Cloud Telephony is in the form of innovation & growth.


A few years back, the cost for business telephony solutions was exorbitant. Companies availing them have to shell out thousands of dollars in order to set up servers, cooling racks, and an array of other expenses, not including building rent, engineers, service staff and more.  At that time, moving to cloud telephony was the most sensible go-to thing for any business that desired to cut down their cost. 


Today any business can get their own data centres for as low as 5K. The telephony equipment, routers, server cost are constantly declining. Therefore the cost is not the main advantage to moving to cloud telephony. The fact is that there are real business advantages of moving to cloud telephony beyond the cost factor. 


Cloud telephony service provides businesses with the speed to start operation from a new location, or flexibility to employees to operate from the location of their choice. It helps companies significantly reduce the development cycles and increase the speed to deploy the service. 


For example, if you want to open a new branch office in a new location or a new city, it can take several days and months to set up IT and Telephony in order to begin the branch operation. Therefore the time it takes to set up the infrastructure required for new branch operations, the early mover advantage is lost.


But if you have to start a new branch office with cloud technologies, you are ready for business operation in almost no time. Cloud-based services help businesses get going instantly and thereby providing the early mover advantage to them.


Cloud telephony plays a big role in reducing the development cycle through Artificial intelligence, innovation and R&D. Companies that embrace cloud-based technologies experience faster and overwhelmingly quicker returns on their investments. This reflects in the form of process-centric efficiencies. The biggest challenge with many businesses is that they are entangled in their existing infrastructures. This makes it extremely hard and costly for them to upgrade or move forward. 


Cloud Telephony offers companies a broad array of capabilities to go to the next level. For example, it offers an efficient way to collaborate with other employees. 


Cloud Telephony delivers so many benefits that businesses should start looking at cloud telephony more as a strategic tool instead of just considering it a means to cut costs. Scores of businesses have successfully embraced the power of the cloud for process efficiencies and enterprise-wide innovations.


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