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AI-enabled Voice Telephony Services for Business of 21st Century

Companies of all sizes, from all over the world are switching to Cloud Telephony. It is for a good reason. Cloud Telephony offers an array of benefits that easily meets the growing demands and constantly evolving needs of businesses.


In the last few years, Cloud Telephony has grown significantly and has taken the market by storm. Through this blog, we are exploring the top 5 reasons that make Cloud Technology trendy and advantageous for the


Here are 5 benefits that 21st-century businesses are driving from Cloud Telephony:


The first thing you will realize while moving your communication to Cloud Telephony is that now you have more precise control and access to both the connected devices and valuable business data. MOBtexting Voice Telephony Services allows businesses to use their existing phone numbers. Since the business phone numbers are hosted in the cloud, employees can access the phone from home or office or any part of the world. It is as if Voice Telephony Services moves along with you wherever you go and hence customers can reach you or company agents whether they are in the office or working from home.


Cloud telephony services are also better in terms of voice quality when compared to the traditional on-premise solutions. Not only do quality hosted solutions from MOBtexting provide you with a user-friendly interface, it also has a consistent look and feels across multiple platforms. Company agents and managers have full control over the extension level call forwarding. Call managers can make changes to certain features like Welcome Message, track call logs, view agents’ performance and do follow-ups.


The biggest advantage is that there is no overhead cost. This means you don’t have to employ new employees to make any changes to the system. The interface or the dashboard provided by MOBtexting is so simple that anyone can make the changes even while travelling or even when they are in a different country. With MOBtexting, there will be no more delay in changing call routing or password reset. Cloud Telephony is more efficient for businesses than traditional phone systems in every aspect.


Your cloud telephony service is never outdated. Since the entire service is managed and maintained by MOBtexting, we take care of all the aspects. You get a quality hosted solution. With every new innovation in technology, your cloud telephony will be updated automatically on your respective communication system. Your business will be ready to face the digital world more confidently by moving your communication system to the cloud telephony service by MOBtexting.


The other benefit that businesses drive when they move to MOBtexting cloud telephony is scalability. When a business invests in traditional telephony service, they have to continuously spend on increasing the capacity by investing in infrastructure as the business requirements grow. However, with MOBtexting you don’t have to think of scalability. The capacity of your cloud telephony service grows as your business grows. It is highly scalable and can be used in any other platform or expanded environment. MOBtexting cloud telephony systems are efficiently scalable to meet any future growth in a business. You can add new and new users, ring groups and auto-attendants to the system as and when you see the need.


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