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Boost Business Productivity With Audio Conferencing Solution

If you are moving to a new office or are not able to access your office, conducting meetings or conferences becomes hard. This is one typical scenario where the benefits of an audio conferencing solution really shine out.


MOBtexting Audio Conferencing serves as a bridge between you and your colleague, team members, client and your audience. Audio Conferencing platform by MOBtexting has made a common platform to boost your productivity.


In very simple terms an audio conferencing is a service where two or more people in different locations use technology to hold an audio call. It is different from traditional phone or mobile calls because, in audio conferencing, all participants dial into a central system that connects all of them rather than directly calling each other. This particular feature makes it possible for audio conferencing to achieve both communications and collaboration simultaneously. MOBtexting and audio conferencing comes with online collaboration elements such as Recording, Live Report, Create Contact List, Listen to Only Mode, Mute/Unmute and more.


Types Of Audio Conferencing:


Technically there are two types of audio conferencing that MOBtexting provides. They are Outbound Audio Conference and Inbound Audio Conference.


Inbound Audio Conference:


This allows you to provide a dedicated phone number and passcode to which every participant needs to dial to join. When participants make a call to that number, the MOBtexting system asks them to enter the passcode to join the conference. The passcode is a way we keep your meeting safe and sound from intruders and keep away unwanted callers.


Outbound Audio Conference:


This is the opposite way to connect to every participant on the conference call. In this method, the call organiser will dial the participant’s numbers from their admin panel one by one. Participants have to receive the call to join the call. In this method of conference joining, participants don’t have to provide any passcode.


Audio Conference brings in lots of benefits to the organizations such as the ability to put all participants on Mute/Unmute, give Listen to Only Mode access, Create Contact List, facility to record and more. Let’s look at each of them.




Call moderators can mute or unmute any participant. If there is plenty of disturbance from background noise, the call organiser can choose to put all the participants on mute except for those who have to speak. This kind of conference call leads to clear quality sound.


Listen to Only Mode:


Conference organisers can mute all the participants in order to talk without anyone’s interruption. For example, a teacher can do this while taking an online class. You can cancel this mode anytime once you are done speaking.


Create Contact List:


Wouldn’t you like to have all the people on your conference list in one place? This feature allows you to create a contact list of participants and host a conference call from the list you have created. But you also have the freedom to enter a direct number of participants in a live call.




Recordings are good for reference. This feature allows you to record the conference call for your future use. You can also pause the recording at any time you wish.




Audio conferencing is less expensive compared to video conferencing. It is also very accessible and easy to set up. Audio conferencing can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on business travel to hold physical conferences. Audio conferencing enables company employees to easily create a web collaboration session to rapidly resolve company or customer issues.


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