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Cloud Telephony is Helping Business Continuity for Small and Large Enterprise Alike

Ecommerce markets have observed a whopping 60% rise in online shopping, services and other online activities. The world will find its way out of the pandemic crisis sooner or later, but the behaviour it brings about will remain for decades to come.


The biggest challenge for a business to survive is to remain operational. The most important criteria for any business to remain operational is to stay connected with colleagues, staff and customers. This is where business continuity plans come into the picture and cloud telephony makes this possible.


Scores of businesses have shut down or are on the verge of shutdown. But businesses that are determined to find ways to make things work for their business during the lockdown situation have not only survived but are also thriving.


Surprisingly, for many, the lockdown has created new sales opportunities and has significantly cut down the competition. The situation is challenging for every business. Most businesses are accustomed to face-to-face selling and networking for growth. But now they have evolved a whole new sales process where the sales teams are working from their homes. Business landline is connected to the cloud telephony and to this several phone numbers are mapped allowing the sales team to take calls from their homes, simultaneously.


Customer satisfaction is important to keep customers from moving out to competitors and also give opportunity for cross-selling and upselling from time to time. If a business is reachable to customers all the time and through multiple channels, they will not only be satisfied but also confident about the services. Lockdown has prevented many businesses from staying in touch with their customers. That’s because there are shutters and no one is there to attend the calls. When a customer calls and no one at the business is available to attend the call it presents a very unprofessional image.


A quick solution to this problem is to get a cloud telephony service. MOBtexting is a cloud telephony service provider in India. Its services are available for most countries as the company has direct interconnects with more than 900 operators worldwide. The company provides 3 months of free cloud telephony service to help businesses to come out of the side effects of lockdown and become operational. You don’t have to pay anything to get started except for registering and setting up the process. However, this offer is only for during the lockdown period. So make the best use of this offer before it is over.


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