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MOBtexting is Making Cloud Telephony Accessible For Businesses of all Sizes

Started by Ajay Kumar Gupta and Brijesh Kashyap, the Bangalore-based cloud communication startup, MOBtexting, has come a long way since its inception in 2014. With an enviable presence in India, MOBtexting is gradually expanding its footprint in global markets.  The combined synergy of Ajay Kumar Gupta and Brijesh Kashyap has achieved a feat that cannot be matched by most startups in the Indian communication sector.


Last year MOBtexting was awarded the fastest growing technology company at the 15th edition of the Deloitte India Technology Fast 50 Awards. The company bagged 9th position garnering a triple-digit growth rate in the last 3 years among 50 other public and private technology, media and telecommunications companies in India. MOBtexting was further ranked 86th fastest growing company in the Asia Pacific Technology 500 program. 


Brijesh Kashyap and Ajay Kumar Gupta studied management but took a different route of starting their own communication business. It wasn’t a choice for them as their minds were brimming with ideas to transform the cloud telephony space. Both of them had keenly observed the cloud telephony space as it evolved in the Indian market. Cloud telephony was the subject of hot debate for them since their college days. It was natural for them to start their own cloud telephony company. But they did not start their company right out of the college. Instead, they choose to work with other prestigious companies in the cloud telephony space. This was a strategic decision that not only helped them garner first-hand industry insight, but also imparted a strong foundation to their ideas. 


Working in the cloud telephony industry for a few years helped them realise that most players were focused on building a user base and serving the end consumer. While this was helping their balance sheet, it was not very helpful for the corporate, SME, and startup world. This space was largely ignored. Ajay and Brijesh Kashyap saw this as an opportunity. The next few years were life-changing and challenging. Both of them quit their job to build the cloud communication company of their dreams. They came up with the name 3m Digital network that stands for messaging, media, and mobility.


With no background of a family business and with little investment, they had an uphill battle to build their company brick by brick. Their determination, perseverance and hard work paid off. Their revenues were at Rs 1.2 crore and Rs 2 crore respectively in the third and fourth year of starting. Their company is targeting a revenue of over Rs 10 crore this year. A whopping 10000+ businesses from across 4 continents trust MOBtexting for their cloud telephony and messaging needs. 


MOBtexting communication products have emerged as a Digital Socializing tool for businesses and individuals. It has made it easier for companies- big and small to embrace cloud services to access technological advantages. MOBtexting cloud telephony helps integrate all communications, thereby significantly cutting down the operational cost and maximizing the productivity of employees at all levels in their business. Cloud telephony and mass communication platforms by MOBtexting are helping companies take proactive measures to reduce grievances, increase sales and create a better offering for their customers.


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