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MOBtexting is Rising Cloud Communication Company From Asia Focused at SMB and Big Brands Alike

Founded by Ajay Gupta, Brijesh Kumar in the year 2014, MOBtexting helps Businesses integrate advanced and latest Mobile Messaging and Cloud Telephony solutions into their work process to grab and serve their customers effectively, throughout the globe.


MOBtexting focuses on the needs of the end-users, and their end-users are corporate customers. Their products are focused on helping businesses reach their customers easily, seamlessly and at scale. MOBtexting offers cloud communication on multi-channel platforms like messaging, voice, email and APIs. The platform also provides solutions like call masking, long and shortcodes, call conferencing, IVR, click-to-call and toll-free solutions. These solutions are extremely essential for any business that wants to create a bigger brand impression and provide service to their customers through multiple channels.


In the last one decade, Cloud telephony has witnessed a steady rise in India. More businesses are understanding the core benefits behind the innovation. MOBtexting differentiates itself by offering varying layers of customization in their service. The company constantly works on innovating and evolving with the technology to deliver high quality cloud telephony service, since that’s the only way to offer customers better and clearer voice transmittance.


“No business can afford to have your inbound calls being disconnected or have their customer misunderstand a statement in the middle. Not only this will reflect badly on the brand image, but can also cost business dearly owing to miscommunication. When most of your business communication is happening through cloud telephony, then the quality of call and connectivity becomes important” explains Ajay Kumar Gupta, co-founder of MOBtexting.


MOBTexting has successfully delivered messages in over 195+ countries through their network of operators spread globally. The company offers an intuitive dashboard to all their clients that helps them monitor inbound and outbound calls and messages. The businesses can also automate communications based on certain triggers such as low account balance, sales, purchase, reminders, alerts etc. The customers also get API that they can use to integrate MOBtexting communication services right into their legacy applications.


About 60% of small, medium and large enterprises in India don’t have access to a call management system. MOBtexting cloud telephony can deliver significant advantages to these companies by giving them access to Intelligent call routing for better flow of call information to the respective agents. Traditional businesses have middle-man to transfer calls manually. This will no longer be required thereby leading to saving costs.


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